Pan Shixuan

Lokkee: American Chinese Restaurant Review

American Interpretation of Chinese Food From The West. I was greeted with uplifting Shanghainese pop music when I stepped into Lokkee, a new American-Chinese concept restaurant...

Le Halo: Singapore Cafe Review

A hidden find in Tiong Bahru My initial reaction when I stepped into this quaint little cafe was that it would make a good place for me to...

8 Unexpected Pasar Malam Snacks You Didn’t Know Exists in Singapore’s Night Market

What I enjoy about Pasar Malams in Singapore is the energy that it brings to our neighborhoods. The bright lights, loud music and the...

About Me

Shixuan has the ability to improvise shocking off-key tunes anytime and anywhere. Purpose: to ignore, irritate, entertain or to emphasize an important point to friends.
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