8 Unexpected Pasar Malam Snacks You Didn’t Know Exists in Singapore’s Night Market

unexpected pasar malam food

What I enjoy about Pasar Malams in Singapore is the energy that it brings to our neighborhoods. The bright lights, loud music and the never-ending chaos liven up our heartlands and wakes up even the most overworked Singaporean citizens. Different street foods from all parts of the world and ethnic cuisine means that your taste-buds are constantly kept happy!

I went nosing around the recent Jurong East and the Geylang Serai bazaar and I found some interesting snacks which some are fairly new in Singapore’s pasar malams. The best time to visit this market is in the afternoon around 3pm-4pm whereby the owners have finished prepping their food and awaiting their customers. Pasar malams are temporary night bazaars and move around often, check out the link at the end of the article for news on where the next one will be.

1. Thai Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut Ice Cream

This Thai coconut ice cream has made its way to the pasar malam not too long ago, and given its natural coconut ice cream topped with delicious peanuts, atap chee, coconut sugar and generous flesh of young coconut in its own husk, this is one dessert that you should not skip if you find it at the bazaar. I love its refreshing flavor as it is not too heavy and also the coconut sugar elevates the taste of the ice cream to a whole new level.

Currently this gorgeous dessert is available at a pasar malam for around $4. What are you waiting for, a cold treat is in the hot months of Singapore is really what you need before squeezing onto our crowded trains!

2. Thai Papaya Salad

papaya thai salad

The papaya salad or Som Tum Thai is a delicious appetizer that uses green papaya which is peeled and grated beautifully accompanied with carrots, long beans, thai eggplant, chilies, garlic, cherry tomatoes, ground dried shrimp and then seasoned with lime, palm sugar and fish sauce.

This sweet, sour and spicy delight is not only healthy and delicious, it also serves a prelude before your main course as it whets your appetite really well. You can control the seasoning to suit your own taste. So if you prefer your salad to be sweeter, less sour, or even spicier, don’t forget to tell the store owner!

 3. Fried Oreos


We are in love with MrQ snacks ever since it launched its fried oreos being sold in pasar malams! Crispy on the outside and soft and chewy in the inside, this sinful treat is a delight to be eaten anytime of the day. It taste like a brownie and it is definitely suitable for those who have sweet tooth. However if hate anything that is overly sweet, it is better that you avoid this sinful treat.

4. Rolled Ice Cream

happy rollies


Just for $5 and this colorful treat is yours. Happy Rollies magically creates ice cream in front of your eyes by putting out ingredients which is still in liquid form onto a ice making metal sheet and lo and behold!  Thin sheets of ice cream starts to appear in front of your eyes. The ice cream maker then adds in ingredients of your choice and then roll them up into glorious curls which will then be sprinkled with sauce and toppings.

What I like the most is their creativity in flavors, strawberry and oreo being their best seller, kinder bueno ice cream is also a favorite among customers.

There are 3 type of sauces available, maple syrup, strawberry and chocolate, and you can actually top up your ice-cream with all 3 sauces if you wish! The pretty owner of this shop Gina Tow confirms that they will be opening their new store at The Hive which is located at NTU. Pretty-looking ice cream from a gorgeous girl, what more can you ask for?

5. Churros


I learned from a store owner that a churro is a Spanish donut which is kneaded and then deep fried, and has a crunchy texture and it comes with sweet toppings such as caramel sauce or in this case, a special dallop of chocolate ice cream.

Enjoy a churro if you are clueless of what you want to eat at the pasar malam.  You get 8 pieces of churros that come with a topping of your choice for $4, and one with the ice-cream topping costs $5. This snack has gained popularity and you are very likely to find a churro store at any pasar malam.

6. Thai Coconut Shake


Feeling thirsty? Go and grab a thai coconut shake at $3.50. It is delicious, refreshing and fragrant as well which main ingredients is coconut juice and ice-cream.  Its secret is in the special ice cream which the owner says its imported from Thailand.

7. Jackfruit Sticky Rice

jack fruit sticky rice

We have all heard of mango sticky rice, but jack fruit sticky rice is a new thing for all of us. At $4, this fleshy jack fruit stuffed with fragrant sticky rice is not one to be missed! The name of this store is Tum Tum Thai Food and besides jack fruit sticky rice, the store sells the mango rice, salads, tom yum soup and chendol as well.

8. Thai Tea

Thai tea or cha yen has gain popularity in Singapore. Brewed with special thai leaves and then flavored with sweetened condensed milk and fresh milk, this aromatic tea is one to takeaway at anytime of the day. This thai tea from Kala Thai costs only $2.50. Enjoy yours today!

Sutisa the owner of the store frequently moves around the island selling her drinks and dessert at bazaars in Paya Lebar. We hope to be able to catch her again soon!

For more information of current and upcoming pasar malams do check out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pasarmalamsg/