Foodcoma, Serangoon: Snack on fresh Thai-style XL cockles, clams, and prawns delivered to your doorstep

Nothing beats digging into fresh seafood from the comfort of your own home. As a huge lala lover, I was happy to come across Foodcoma, and no, I’m not talking about the drowsiness you feel after a large meal— although I’m sure you might feel that way after digging into Foodcoma’s wide variety of seafood dishes.

Foodcoma is a new food delivery service that officially opened on 2 May 2022, specialising in fresh seafood, such as cockles, clams and prawns. They also offer other barbecued items like stingray and moo ping, which are Thai-style grilled pork skewers, making it a great option for your next dinner party, or simply if you’re craving some juicy cockles or lala.

Photo of storefront

Foodcoma operates from a humble kitchen located along Yio Chu Kang Road. That’s where all its orders are prepared and sent out, and if you’re opting for self-delivery on your orders, this is where you head to to pick up your order.

Before I dive into the review, let me share some good news. 

To celebrate their official opening, Foodcoma is having a massive grand opening promotion where you can enjoy up to 50% off on most of their popular items, such as their cockles and clams. Do note that this promotion is only available from 1 to 31 May 2022, so don’t say bojio!

What I tried

Photo of cockles

If you’re in the mood for giant cockles, Foodcoma sells Signature Thai-style Cockles (S$24) in varying sizes. 

While I thought that the varying sizes referred to the total portion of cockles given, I was informed later that it was actually the size of the cockles themselves! The weight and price of the dish, despite the different cockle sizes, will stay the same at 450g and S$24 respectively.

The cockles come in Medium, Large, XL and XXL sizes, but are subject to availability.

Close up of cockles

I tried its XL version during the media tasting, and boy, were these cockles hefty! This was the largest cockle I’ve seen— to some extent it even reminded me of oysters because the meat peeked out of the shell, like escargot. A single cockle easily filled up my entire spoon and I couldn’t wait to dig in.

Close up of cockles

It took some work to pry the meat out from the shell, but the effort was well worth it. 

The meat was large and plump, so biting into it was really satisfying. I appreciated how fresh and clean the cockles were— I couldn’t taste any grit or sand, and the signature briny saltiness that comes with shellfish only came at the end of each bite. 

The cockles went well with the Thai-style sauce, which consisted of garlic, lime and chilli padi. It reminded me of the Thai chilli you’d get at mookata stalls— fragrant, piquant and appetising, with a bright kick of spice that makes you want to drench your rice with it.

Photo of clams

Next, I tried Foodcoma’s Coma Lala (S$20). According to their website, the team brings in air flown live flower clams from the Philippines daily, so you can be sure that what you’re getting is truly fresh.

Close up of clams

This was a dish that I could easily see myself digging into at a zi char stall. Packed with plenty of garlic, sauteed onions and chilli padi, the lala was sweet and smoky, and I also could taste hints of sesame oil and ginger.

This was a simple, comforting and addictive dish, and before I knew it, I was already piling my plate with empty lala shells.

Photo of stingray

I also got to try Foodcoma’s BOSS Stingray (S$18), which features fresh stingray, homemade sambal belacan and sliced onions.

Close up of stingray

I only have one word to describe this: shiok

To my delight, the stingray meat came apart cleanly, but the star of the dish was the sambal belacan. It was full of flavour— rich, smoky and salty, with plenty of umami from the dried shrimp. The spice started as a low and dull, which climbed to a fragrant and addictive heat that made me start sweating.

My only gripe would be that the sambal belacan got too salty after some time, so be sure to pair this dish with white rice to balance out the rich flavours.

Photo of drumlet

The last dish I tried was Foodcoma’s Kami Drums (S$12). I counted seven pieces, which works out to be around S$1.70 per piece. 

Close up of drumlet

These drumlets were coated in a sticky kecap manis sauce, which made each bite intensely sweet yet salty. I loved the little details, such as the sprinkling of sesame seeds and chopped chilli padi, which added a good variety of texture and spice to the drumlets.

Photo of fruit platter

To end off the meal, I tried Foodcoma’s King Kong Punch (S$12), which is essentially a fruit platter consisting of pineapple, jambu and green mango. It also came with a housemade seafood spicy dipping sauce.

Close up of seafood dip

This was a great palette cleanser. The pineapple, jambu and green mango were sour, tart and refreshing, and I ended up alternating between the fruit slices and the rest of the seafood and barbecue dishes. 

The housemade seafood dipping sauce was authentically Thai and reminded me of nam pla wan, a sweet and spicy fruit dipping sauce, which is traditionally served with Thai green mangoes. I expected it to be sweet as it had a consistency similar to honey, but instead it was mildly savoury, with hints of sour plum powder and fish sauce, with a pinch of spice like white pepper. 

Final thoughts

Photo of Foodcoma's food

My dining companion and I definitely got into a food coma after eating so many seafood and barbecue dishes. It was a delight to dig into Thai-style seafood and spicy barbecue dishes, and it made me reminisce the last time I visited Bangkok for a holiday. 

The next time I’m attending a potluck or hosting a party, I’ll definitely consider ordering Foodcoma’s seafood and barbecue dishes as the XL cockles are sure to be a great hit with shellfish lovers. To place your orders, visit their website or drop them a message on Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp at +65 8299 2962. 

Expected damage: S$12 – $32 per pax

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Foodcoma.

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Our Rating: 4 / 5


9/11 Yio Chu Kang Road, Space @ Kovan, #01-04, Singapore 545523

Our Rating 4/5


9/11 Yio Chu Kang Road, Space @ Kovan, #01-04, Singapore 545523

Telephone: +65 8299 2962
Operating Hours: 11am - 1am (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon
Telephone: +65 8299 2962

Operating Hours: 11am - 1am (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon