Coriander cake — love it or absolutely hate it? You decide

Local artisan bakery, Baker’s Brew Studio is back with a unique cake. Herb haters, please cover your eyes and ears for the launch of this cake might just send you on a murderous rampage. Known for their popular ondeh-ondeh and chendol cake amid their range of  ‘classic’ cakes like the roasted pistachio and rose cake, salted caramel chocolate cake, dual fromage and many more.

Coriander Cake Baker's Brew Studio Online

As advertised on their Facebook page, introducing Singapore’s first-ever Coriander Cake. All you herb-lovin’ folks are definitely in for a treat with this one. I mean, who would’ve imagined this to be a thing? Strong haters of the pungent green herb, please, we beg you, look away while you still can.

As I type this out, I am suddenly reminded of its familiar scent paired with a bowl of piping hot chicken curry—which isn’t too bad for me because I love a handful of them on my savoury dishes but this is new for me. The coriander cake will come in three different variations: The OG Coriander CakeCoriander Dedication Cake, and Coriander Cupcakes and will be limited to 50 sets only.

Coriander Dedication Cake, Baker's Brew Studio Online

Check out the pun, though. Well, if you enjoy taking your palate on various trips, we’d suggest you indulge in a coriander cake. Remember that it’s limited to 50 sets so send in your order early!

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