Barhopping this St. Patrick’s Day 2016 in style along the Singapore River

Get your body ready for the St Patrick’s Day Parade by plumping it up with Irish Grub and of course, lots of Beer…

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… Because South-East Asia’s largest St Patrick’s Day celebration is right here!

From 17th to 20th March 2016, participating merchants along the Singapore river (mostly boat quay) will be having exclusive St Paddy’s day promotions.

Here’s a barhopping guide to food and drinks on promotion at five participating bars. All bars are within walking distance and make the perfect drinking trail you can easily follow.

1st starting stop: SouthBridge

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Start off with a high and mighty view of the Singapore river as you prepare your liver for a good Irish night out.

‘Treat yo self’ to this amazing view along with cocktails inspired by the Irish culture at SouthBridge Bar’s rooftop.

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Experience ultimate chill and opulence feasting on freshly shucked oysters from Ireland, Galway Bay at only $36 for 6.

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Sip cocktails with St Patrick’s Day symbolic drinks like the Pat’s Martini ($27) – Midori Liqueur, Belvedere and Triple Sec and Irish Cola ($20) – Jameson Irish Whiskey and Bailey’s Irish Cream

SouthBridge: ROOFTOP, LEVEL 5, 80 BOAT QUAY, SINGAPORE 049868 | Tel: 68776965 | Website

2nd stop: Draft & Craft

Draft & Craft_Craft Beers (1 of 2)

Walking along the river, the next stop at Draft & Craft serves American comfort foods as well as craft beers on tap.

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Draft & Craft’s take on the Shepherd’s pie for the month of St. Patrick’s day, an iconic St Patrick’s Day food. They are serving it every day from 2nd March onwards for the entire month of March.

Draft & Craft_Craft Beers (2 of 2)

At draft and craft you obviousy have to try some of their draft crafts or just crafts! With 7 taps and 50 over bottles, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Since we’re just starting out and you probably won’t be tipsy yet, it’s the perfect time to taste and appreciate craft beer.

Draft & Craft: 31 Circular Road, Singapore 049387 | Tel: 6532 0604 | Website

3rd stop: Hero’s, Mogambo Bar, The Public House

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Walking just across the road from Draft & Craft, feel at home at Hero’s, the cozy live sports bar and music bar.

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As you enjoy the games showing or live music playing with a pint of beer in hand, you might feel like you’re itching for a bite.

Hero’s has a burger in the spirit of things – ‘ The Paddy’s’- a St Patrick’s Day Special that is also available at Mogambo Bar & Restaurant and The Public House.  The Paddy’s is a burger with thinly-sliced corned beef topped with caramelized onions, Irish cheddar cheese and tomato, at $14, or $15 including an egg.

How is it related to St Patrick’s Day? Corned beef is commonly eaten by Irish immigrants in the States during the 20th century.  The Paddy’s is only available during this St Pat’s festival.

Hero’s: 69, Circular Road, #01-01, Boat Quay, Singapore 049423 | Tel: 6438 6058 | Website

4th stop: RedDot Brewhouse

RedDot Brewery_Craft Beers (2 of 3)

Pretty sure we all know which colour is extremely synonymous with Irish culture and St Patrick’s Day, right?

Heading further down along the river, hit RedDot Brewhouse for some fashionably green beer.

Of course green beer is perfect for the occassion!

RedDot Brewery_Craft Beers (3 of 3)

So say hell yes to RedDot Brewhouse’s Monster Green Lager.

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The signature green in the beer comes from spirulina, a cyanobacterium similar to algae, that is packed with vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants. So RedDot’s Monster Green Lager is healthier giving than your regular beer.

Repeat that to yourself that as you chug green beer at $11++ a pint during their Happy Hour from 12pm – 8pm (or $12.50++ for non Happy Hour timing.)

RedDot’s fried finger food/bar bites are pretty good as well! They have a decently spicy wing if you’re looking for  spicy challenge.

RedDot Brewhouse: 33/34 Boat Quay, Singapore 049823 | Tel: 6535 4500  | Website

Final stop: Molly Malone’s Irish Pub

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And of course the night has to end aptly at a most Irish Pub, no?

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At your final stop, a celebration to end your boozey hop, nowhere is more apt than Molly Malone’s, Singapore’s very first established Irish Pub. Its tavern style interior, music and overall jovial atmosphere are characteristically that of an Irish pub.

And surely, you can have more food to accompany all that alcohol.

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At Molly Malone’s is where you finally get to taste authentic and traditional Irish food. Save the best for last am I right?

Something extremely tasty and to the theme is their Whiskey & Bacon Marmalade with Soda Bread ($8++). It is a traditional Irish dish with homemade soda bread that is “not only a favourite amongst the Irish regulars but with the current Irish ambassador’s wife.”

The Soda Bread is dry, crumbly and subtly fragrant, making it a great base for the Whisky & Bacon Marmalade that tastes so much like Bak Kwa in jam form. Best part? you can pair it with a 30ml shot of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey at $15++.

Yasssssss Irish Whiskey yassssssss.

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This saliva-inducing plate of Fish & Chips is one of Molly Malone’s signature dish -an irreplaceable staple and a tried and tested fan favourite of beer battered fish served with homemade tartar sauce and chips.

This St Patrick’s day, you get to enjoy it in a miniature size at $12++ for a platter or pair it with a half pint of Guinness at $17++. Don’t worry there are quite a few pieces of mini fried fish. They’re crispy, fragrant and pretty damn addictive; perfect finger food for a night of drinking.

Check out the Google Map on how to traverse this quick and simple barhopping trail along the Singapore River.

Now go forth and experience the boozy and slightly symbolically Irish adventure that awaits you this St Patricks Day in Singapore!

Don’t forget to check out the official website for St Patrick’s Street Festival 2016 for more information on the parade on the 2oth  as well as other promotions happening this period.