Cook your pasta to perfection with these eight Barilla Spotify playlists

Last Updated: March 8, 2021

Written by Felicia Koh

Cooking is a form of self-love and I love spending time whipping up a storm in my kitchen. However, long hours of prep work can sometimes get a bit boring. As such, music has always been my best companion. Catering to all of us home cooks, international pasta brand Barilla has put together eight Spotify playlists to aid us in cooking our carbs the right way. 

With pasta of different shapes and sizes available in the market, it is often not an easy task to determine the cooking time for each and every variety. Leave your pasta boiling in the water for too long and it will end up all mushy, remove it from the pot too soon and you will be chewing on hard, unappetising pieces. 

To end our frustration, Barilla has teamed up with Spotify to release eight specially curated playlist of specific playtimes that co-relates to the cooking time of the different types of pasta which they have under their brand name. 

The playlists—which have names such as ‘Mixtape Spaghetti’, ‘Boom Bap Fusilli’ and ‘Moody Day Linguine’—each run from nine to 11 minutes. The moment you drop your pasta into a pot of boiling water, play the corresponding pasta’s playlist and enjoy the songs all the way to the end. By the time the music stops, your pasta will be ready for consumption. Just remember to turn off the ‘loop’ function to avoid any overcooking!

To make things better, the Barilla pasta playlists also comes in different genres of music catering to almost everyone. Prefer Jay-Z to Shawn Mendes? Then opt for ‘Mixtape Spaghetti’ instead of ‘Top Hits Spaghetti’. Otherwise, if you are a lover of classic tunes from The Beatles, then choose ‘Timeless Emotion Fusilli’ when preparing your corkscrew pasta during your next pasta meal. 

Ready to bob to the music the next time you step into your kitchen? Then be sure to pick up your pasta at the nearby grocery store and download the Barilla Italia tracks on Spotify here right now! 

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