“Viaggio Italiano” Basilico With The Best Flavours from South and North Italy

Last Updated: June 6, 2015

Written by Chui Choo Fong

“Flavours of North and South Italy”

Basilico logo Basilico has always been a highly regarded restaurant, known for its quality and excellence. Besides presenting food of variety and value, the constant change and updates to the menu is part of what sets it apart from other restaurants.

Earlier at the beginning of this year, Basilico embarked on a yearlong theme which has been planned to vary over four different categories, all different regions of Italy. With “Central Italy” and “Islands of Italy” being covered from January to March and April to June respectively, we take a look at what to anticipate from July onwards.

Basilico interior

From July to September 2015, flavours will concentrate from Southern Italy in the following dishes.

Basilico Orecchiette alle Cime di Rapa

We started with the Orecchiette alle Cime di Rapa, which stars tiger prawns and sea urchin with the Orecchiette pasta in garlic, anchovies and chilli sauce accompanied by wild brocoletti. The pasta was coated with the brocoletti paste as well, hiding tiny florets of the vegetable and had a subtle taste.

The leads of this dish, however, were the seafood. The sea urchin was slightly spicy and savoury, balancing well with the other two components of the dish. The tiger prawn was cooked well, fresh and juicy.

Basilico Braciole al Sugo alla Barese con Purea Di Fave

Next from the South was the Braciole al Sugo alla Barese con Purea Di Fave, a Wagyu beef sirloin roll stuffed with cheese with dry Fava beans puree. The beef is braised for 12 hours, and when you split the inside open, there is a layer of Pecorino Pugliese cheese, which balances out the fragrant sauce with its saltiness.

The Fava beans, or broad beans puree felt simple yet surprisingly tasty, great companions to the components of the dish.

Basilico dessert Baba’ Al Limoncello

The dessert to end off this cuisine voyage to the South was the Baba’ Al Limoncello, a light, airy pastry soaked in Italian liquer, which is eaten with a vanilla custard and a smidge of Amarena cherry sauce.

While I am not a fan of the liquer, the lemon and custard do contrast nicely; there were sourness and bitterness against extremely sweet flavours. The pastry is nice and fluffy too, and not too soggy even though it had been soaked in the Limoncello.

Basilico Risotto Milanese Con Ossubuco

Up to North Italy for the menu from October to December 2015, we first had the Risotto Milanese Con Ossubuco. The risotto had a lovely flavour from the Saffron, making the otherwise heavy rice dish seem a little lighter. The braised beef shank was cooked perfectly, and fell apart when I gently pushed my fork through.

My favourite here was the bone marrow gratin though, melt-in-my-mouth, smooth and tasty. The crusty cheese on top contrasted the softness of the bone marrow, and the oily coat gave an appetising aroma.

Basilico Baccala’ alla Vincentina

The final main dish was the Baccala’ alla Vincentina. I felt like the cod fillet was slightly overcooked, and the skin could be crustier, but the roasted vegetables and herby polenta were decent.

Basilico dessert Bonet

For dessert we had Bonet, a dark chocolate sweet with almond crumble. Rich and decadent, every bite is chock full of chocolate flavour and creaminess. This is not for the faint of heart.

The courses are served in a semi-buffet style (Dinner), with a choice of one main dish with antipasti and dessert buffet. Look forward to fine Italian dining with fresh and authentic food, following the two themes later in the year 2015. Basilico has great variety and ambience, with both pleasant indoor and outdoor dining areas.

Expected Damage: $88+ for the semi-buffet set

Basilico: 1 Cuscaden Road, (Regent Hotel level 2), Singapore 249715 | Tel: 6733 8888 | Website

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