Be Frank: Affordable Bacon & Mushroom Raclette Hotdogs For Only S$6.50 Each At Paragon

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Amongst the glitz and glamour of luxurious designer brands in Paragon, there’s a new hidden spot for juicy hot dogs that also provides an affordable taste of the craze that has taken Singapore (or the world) by storm — Raclette aka the melty cheese wheel.

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Located at the basement of Paragon, this fuss-free hot dog kiosk is ideal for quick lunches and midday snacks.

Frankly speaking (ha ha), I haven’t tasted any affordable hot dogs in Singapore that’s worth a second visit and the ones selling at Be Frank had certainly caught my attention.

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What’s so special about the hot dogs at Be Frank are the added twists and variations to the standard comfort food that we’re used to, more so than the meat used for the sausage.

Be Frank has five variations of hot dogs to choose from, all priced at $6.50 each.

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For those who are not familiar with Raclette, this cheese is mostly eaten with potatoes, gherkins and dried meats. From what I know, most Raclette dishes in Singapore are not very affordable — except for this place.

If you’re afraid that you’re not getting the real deal, don’t worry because you will get to witness the distinctive aromatic swiss cheese melted and scraped onto the hot dogs in front of your very own eyes.

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As a total fanatic of gooey and warm cheese, The Bac & Cheeze ($6.50, left) and Cheezy Mushroom ($6.50, right) were the obvious stand-outs for me.

Like a warm blanket that covered the pork bratwurst, the melted Raclette paired with crispy fried bacon bits and garlic sauteed mushrooms were simply divine.

I was glad that chopped chives were added to give an additional oomph to the bite.

Be Frank-14

For this price tag, I was pretty surprised by the cheese, bun and sausage ratio — Be Frank was certainly not stingy with its ingredients.

My preference would be the mushroom version over the bacon as I felt that the combination was a little too jelat (heavy tasting) for my liking while the mushroom was quite well-balanced.

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If cheese is not your thing or you’re feeling peckish for a second helping, why not give Slaw & Order ($6.50, top) and Coney’s Island ($6.50, bottom) a try?

While the former’s a tangy pineapple and coleslaw laden “healthy dog” that’s perfect for any health gurus on their cheat day, the latter’s a classic dog topped with a copious amount of minced beef and diced onions.

Unlike the cheesy options, these two had a good balance of acidity and crunch.

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S’mash ($6.50) is the last variation of all; good ol’ banger & a giant cup of buttery mash. However, I feel that the mash potatoes could do with a little more seasoning.

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Speaking of potatoes, I enjoyed the Croquettes (3pcs for $3.30/ 5pcs for $4.50) more than the S’mash. These breaded spherical yummies are fluffy inside and crispy outside, yet they’re not greasy.

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They make for extremely addictive tiny bites when drizzled with mayonnaise and a sprinkle of chives.

Centralised location? Checked. Affordable food? Checked. Insta-worthy Raclette? 200% checked.

It is a decent place for a taste of gourmet and reasonably priced hot dogs, my only complaint would be the lack of seats for me to enjoy my melted cheese without being messy while eating on the go.

Expected damage: $6.50 – $9 per pax

Be Frank: 290 Orchard Road, #B1-K26 Paragon, Singapore 238859 | Tel: 9765 2509  | Opening Hours: (Daily) 10am -9.30pm | Facebook