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Bee Bee Carrot Cake: Joseph Schooling’s Favorite Carrot Cake

Last Updated: July 1, 2017

Written by Nicole Lee

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Joseph Schooling’s favourite fried carrot cake stall has been swarmed by visitors ever since he made a public trip to it during his victory parade, but does it really taste that good?

There is always a long wait for the chai tao kway at Marine Terrace, even before Schooling announced that Bee Bee was his favourite so I guess there is definitely a following who agree with his taste.

However, I seem to fit in the outlier category after queuing for this dish.

bee bee-

Like any other carrot cake stall in Singapore, you can have your carrot cake black (with dark sauce) or white.

bee bee-

I found the carrot cake rather grainy and bland. When you chew the radish cake cubes in your mouth, it doesn’t seem as smooth compared to other local stalls. With the dark sauce, it was overly sweet and the flavours weren’t balanced as the other flavour elements like garlic weren’t that strong. As for the coveted smokey, wok hei flavour many locals indicate as a sign of great local cooking, it wasn’t as prominent either.

There was a generous serving of eggs fried in though, which was a plus point. I’d vote for the white version over the black one, but it’s simply an average plate of carrot cake.

Perhaps I went in with expectation that were too high. Nonetheless, credit should be given about the quantity served – it’s a huge portion for $3.

I’m sure many others have a different opinion from mine, and hey, if it’s good enough for an Olympian like Joseph Schooling you can’t really argue with that – Bee Bee Carrot Cake is his comfort food afterall.

Expected Damage: $3 per pax

Bee Bee Carrot Cake: 50A Marine Terrace, Singapore 441050 | Opening Hours: Closed on Mondays. Tues – Fri 5.30am – 11am, Sat, Sun, & PH 5.30am – 12pm

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