Get Your Hands On Biryani Burger, Sambal Tumis Tulang & Soft Shell Crab Laksa At Tash Tish Tosh For A Limited Time

Tash Tish Tosh

The last time I visited Tash Tish Tosh, I was floored by how mouth-watering their version of tulang is. That was almost one and a half years ago, and recently they sought me out to come down and try their seasonal offerings (which typically run for three to four months).

When I heard that they were serving a Briyani Burger (S$18.90), I was sceptical of how amazing it’d truly be. I mean, we’ve had places attempt a nasi lemak burger and look how unimpressed we were.


Their Briyani Burger is handmade with the utmost attention to detail, right down to the spices they use in their patties. To balance out the spiciness (yes, it packs quite some heat!), it’s topped with raita which is usually a minty sauce with a yoghurt base. What we tasted was the first hit of heat, followed by a soothing and mellow creaminess that pulled everything together.

It was a shame we had to split this burger three ways because I could definitely have wolfed this down myself, in spite of how spicy it was! The mutton was pungent with a strong aroma of cardamom, so perhaps those who aren’t inclined to that spice won’t take an immediate fancy to this decadent burger.

Tash-Tish-Tosh 2

Step up your laksa game with their Laksa Soft Shell Crab (S$16.90)! The gravy was immensely thick, so be sure to slurp this up the moment it arrives at your table. It’s unlike the runny sort you’d commonly get in Katong, for example.

But that doesn’t mean it’s bad; it just means it’s full of flavour and you’re going to want to mop up every last drop of that decadent gravy. The soft shell crab was fried to perfection and remained crisp even after settling into the gravy for a few minutes while we took photos.

Tash-Tish-Tosh 3

What really stood out for me, out of all their latest offerings, is the Sambal Tumis Toolang (S$24.90). You know that spicy and savoury sambal that’s often seen smothering a boiled egg in the display case of a nasi padang stall? Yes, that’s sambal tumis.

And the version here is addictively spicy! It made me lick my fingers, and suck out all the marrow from the bones in sheer glee — complete with finishing off the sauce with the side of fluffy bread. I was in absolute heaven.

If you’ve not checked out Tash Tish Tosh, I implore you to for your next meal out. Even if not for the seasonal items, be there for their signature tulang dishes that won’t disappoint. I for one cannot wait to return again!

Dates & Times: Now available, 11.30am – 11pm (Tue – Sun)

Prices: S$20 – S$40 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Tash Tish Tosh

50 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198900

Our Rating 5/5

Tash Tish Tosh

50 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198900

Telephone: +65 8714 8677
Operating Hours: 11.30am - 11pm (Tues to Sun), Closed on Mon
Telephone: +65 8714 8677

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 11pm (Tues to Sun), Closed on Mon
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