10 Cafes In Singapore Where Bibliophiles & Film Buffs Will Feel Right At Home

Whenever I have some down time, I always find myself curled up at home with a good book or re-watching one of my favourite films. While I enjoy the calm and quiet of my home, I sometimes feel the need to go outside to get a breath of fresh air and get some grub, at the same time. I’m sure kindred spirits can relate to this.

If you’re a fellow book or film lover, you should most definitely check out these 10 comfortable establishments that will not only fuel your inner geek but will keep your bellies filled:

10. Hungry Heroes

Hungry Heroes-1

Established as the first superhero-themed cafe and restaurant in Singapore, Hungry Heroes is perfect for comic book fans or anyone who is just crazy about superhero movies. Slowly building their collection over a span of 25 years, the restaurant is now home to countless of superhero figurines, life-sized statues and movie posters on display for the public to admire.

Situated in Little India, they specialise in Western food and meat cuts, which are prepared by a nuclear-powered kitchen. If you’re a hungry hero yourself, definitely grab a sharing platter packed with their finest and most tender cuts to enjoy with your friends and family.

Hungry Heroes-2

One of their signatures is the Meat Fury’s BBQ Pork Ribs ($21 for half rack/$39 for full rack). These dual cooked BBQ baby back ribs are braised and glazed with their house BBQ marinade before being cooked in the oven. Oozing with juices, the meat is tender and falls off the bones upon being sliced into.

chope-cta-button (1)

Address: Hungry Heroes, 33 Tessensohn Road, Singapore 217656 | Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday (4pm – 11pm), Saturday & Sunday (12 – 11pm), Closed on Mondays | Tel: 6295 5401 | Facebook 

9. The Little Prince Cafe (小王子咖啡座)

The Little Prince Cafe-1

To pay tribute to The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, this cafe was opened up with a theme inspired by the classic story itself. For those who appreciate this timeless book, you will be impressed by the intricate hand-drawn paintings scattered on the white walls.

The creamery itself exudes a sort of serenity that invites patrons to sit in, if only to escape the buzz of the city, especially since it is located in the heartland of Toa Payoh. Step inside and you will find that books dedicated to The Little Prince in different languages are also displayed in the corner of the cafe for those who wish to check them out.

The Little Prince Cafe-2

The freshly baked umami seaweed scones ($4.50 each) are to die for. With choices of parmesan cheese or raisin, you can have these scones with yuzu jam and light cream. This is great when paired with coffee or tea for breakfast or just as a light afternoon snack.

Address: The Little Prince, 47 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore 310047 | Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday (12 – 9pm), Friday & Saturday (12 – 10.30pm), Sunday (12 – 9pm), Closed on Tuesdays | Tel: 8684 8218 | Facebook

8. Central Perk


Fans of the popular TV sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S will definitely appreciate this cafe. As a replica of the coffee house that the characters frequent, the decor follows the show very closely so you can expect to find pieces like Chandler and Joey’s foosball table inside.

Located at Central Mall in Clarke Quay, you can choose from a selection of main courses and dessert inspired by the characters. Guests can even purchase merchandise including caps, mugs and personalised shirts. Singapore’s very own rendition of the fictional cafe is definitely something fans will not want to miss.


One of their standout dishes is Joey’s Fisherman Stew ($38). Filled with a generous medley of crustaceans including mussels, clams, octopus, salmon and prawns, the broth is extremely creamy and flavourful. If seafood is your thing, this would be a great pick.

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Address: Central Perk Singapore, 01-01 Central Mall, 1 Magazine Road, Singapore 059567 | Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday (10am – 10pm), Closed on Mondays | Tel: 90252424 | Facebook

7. Open Book Cafe

Open Book Cafe-1

Located in the Bukit Pasoh area, Open Book Cafe is a small yet charming cafe that happens to be an extension of the Grassroots Book Room. The bookshop itself is dedicated to carrying Chinese titles, making them quite unique from other bookstores that predominantly sell English books. They also carry various trinkets and knick-knacks over the counter.

With reading paraphernalia and attractive decor on display, this is the perfect place to sit down and read a book over a cup of tea and bakery treats. The homely feel it evokes will really make you want to settle down here for the rest of the afternoon.

Open Book Cafe-2

The Flat White ($5) may be a regular coffee option on most cafe menus but the consistency of their brew is commendable. Pair this together with any one of their cakes on display and you are in for a real treat. I had the Orange Cake ($5), which had a soft and spongy interior and a slightly crisp crust that tastes real good with the orange zest. 

Address: Open Book Cafe, 25 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089839 | Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday (11am – 8pm), Friday & Saturday (11am – 6pm), Sunday (11am – 6pm), Closed on Tuesdays | Tel: 6337 9208 | Facebook

6. The Lab

The Lab-1

Enter Jalan Pisang and you might come across this quirky cafe called The Lab. This one’s for all you diehard fans of Breaking Bad as this fun establishments is designed to look like an underground laboratory, with beakers, test tubes and coppers pipes decorating the interior.

While they may not be cooking up meth, they are certainly experimenting with tons of tasty food dishes and beverages on their menu.

The Lab-2

A drink that was inspired by the TV series is the Heisenberg ($7). This was essentially a soda sparkler concoction that came with a mix of orange syrup, lime and mint. Definitely a refreshing drink to wash down the Salted Egg Yolk Pasta ($16) I had for dinner.

The Lab-3

This eye-catching drink stays true to their whole concept, as well. It comes with a syringe of blue Curacao syrup that you can “inject” into the drink to sweeten it.

Address: The Lab, 1 Jalan Pisang, #01-01, Singapore 199069 | Monday – Saturday (12pm – 10pm), Sunday (1pm – 10pm) | Tel: 6299 5681 | Facebook

5. The Book Cafe

The Book Cafe-2

The Book Cafe, as the name suggests, is a book-ish themed cafe that features countless of diverse reading materials which customers can browse through. Their relaxing atmosphere can be attributed to their modern furnishings and quiet ambience.

Found on Marin Road, the simple Western fare and beverages on their menu are great for a quick meal, be it lunch or dinner. Furthermore, they have several customer friendly facilities such as electrical power points and an accessible WiFi. With comfy couches and brightly lit corners, this is one of the best place to chill out with a book in hand.

The Book Cafe-2

If you happen to pop by from Friday to Sunday, you have got to try their Traditional Italian Lemon & Pine Nut Pie ($5.95 per slice). Homemade and baked in limited quantities, this sweet treat is hard to pass up.

Address: The Book Cafe, 20 Martin Rd, #01-02 Seng Kee Building, Singapore 239070 | Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday & Sunday (8.30am – 10pm), Friday & Saturday (8.30am – 12.30am) | Tel: 6887 5430 | Facebook

4. The Screening Room

The Screening Room-1

Forget the mainstream cinemas frequented by movie-goers, why not go for a boutique film theatre with a more intimate setting? The Screening Room is the perfect place for film buffs, with their exciting line-up of films scheduled on their calendar each month.

Treat yourself to a movie matched with cocktails and finger food, as you recline in comfy sofas to re-watch your favourite classics or discover a film for the first time. After the screening, you can even indulge in more drinks on an open air rooftop lounge that overlooks Chinatown.

The Screening Room-2

What movie would be complete without snacks to nibble on? Have at casual cinema fare like the Truffle Fries ($12) which, guests are allowed to take along with them to the screening.

Address: The Screening Room, 12 Ann Siang Road #03-00, Singapore 069692 | Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday (12pm – 11pm), Friday (12pm – 12am), Saturday (5pm – 12am), Closed on Sundays | Tel: 6221 1694 | Website

3. Salted & Hung

Salted & Hung-2

As a contemporary Australian restaurant that focuses strongly on curing and grilling methods, Salted & Hung boasts an impressive flavour in their meats. But what caught my attention even more, was their Animal Farm theme that is seen throughout the restaurant.

Located along Purvis Street, this meatery features hand-painted murals with iconic quotes from George Orwell’s classic story. Expect to see quotes like “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others” and “Four legs good, two legs bad” plastered on the walls.

Salted & Hung-4

Their Toastie ($13) was definitely my favourite from the Sangas (Australian for sandwiches) section. It may look like a simple toasted sandwich but the flavour combinations of the pork shoulder, duck rillettes and black garlic was simply the best.

Address: Salted & Hung, 12 Purvis Street, Singapore 188591 | Tel: 6358 3130 | Opening Hours: Monday – Friday (11.30am – 2.30pm, 5pm – 10.30pm), Saturdays (11.30am – 4pm, 6 – 10.30pm), Closed on Sundays | Facebook

2. The Projector

The Projector-1

Tucked away in Golden Mile Tower, The Projector pays homage to Golden cinemas by revamping two of their theatres into a minimalistic cinema foyer with a hipster flair. Best known for screening films that do not appear in your typical cinemas, they curate a whole slew of films, including arthouse, indie, local favourites and even cult classics such as, A Streetcar Named Desire.

The Projector-2

This indie art-house theatre also happens to feature an indoor cafe that serves an eclectic mix of alcohol, cinema snacks and mains.

Address: The Projector, 6001 Beach Road, #05-00, Golden Mile Tower, Singapore 199589 | Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday (6.30pm – 11.30pm), Saturday & Sunday (1pm – 11.30pm), Closed on Mondays | Website 

1. The Reading Room

The Reading Room-2

Situated along Bukit Pasoh Road, The Reading Room is a quaint book cafe that will surround you with books of different genres packed on full length bookshelves that hug every corner of the cafe. Is this not every bibliophile’s dream come true? 

Patrons are most welcome to grab a book off the shelves to read while enjoying a nice meal or tea break. With comfortable pillow clad seats and a tranquil ambience, this is truly a place where foodies and book lovers can come together.

The Reading Room-3

The Himalayan salt coffee ($5) may not be the most potent coffee I’ve had but it definitely satisfied my mid-day caffeine cravings. With just a pinch of salt added to the coffee, it struck the perfect balance between bitter and salty.

To complement the hot beverage, I had their homemade Carrot Cake ($7.80), which was nothing special but comforting and delicious nonetheless.

Address: The Reading Room, 19 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089833 | Opening Hours: Sunday – Wednesday (11am – 11.30pm), Thursday – Saturday (11am – 1am) | Tel: 6220 9019 | Facebook