Botart: Pineapple tarts, without the pineapple — sacrilegious or genius?

Last Updated: February 2, 2021

Written by Basil

Admittedly, I have dreamed about this. Pineapple tarts, hold the pineapple. A crust-only experience is one which sounds a little too outrageous. Have I thought about scraping the pineapple filling off? Of course. But actually doing it would mean desecrating a sacred culinary site, and I have yet to gain that courage and audacity. Luckily this year, Botart serves to fulfil that very fantasy.

containers of botart pineapple-less tarts and sea salt caramel tarts


Having gone through a tumultuous year fraught with uncertainty, 2021 is hardly the time to feel shackled by tradition and habit. In the spirit of all things new and exciting, entering the Chinese New Year scene is Botart’s pineapple-less pineapple tarts. Blatant oxymorons aside, this one has been brewing in the shadows for a while.

Started in 2019, the business began with three like-minded, crust-loving individuals who sought to make the world a better and more buttery place. Timothy, Shaun, and Travion are the brains behind Botart’s operations. As for this year’s festivities, they’re rolling out a spanking new line of goodies to keep the pastry fanatics at bay. I’m guilty as charged.

ontainer of pineapple-less hua tarts

One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the undying dedication to their crust-free ethos. In a bid to quell my wanderlust, I ordered some of Botart’s newest creations, so you know if they’re worth a go or not.

Photo of pineapple-less tarts in hand

First up, there’s the Pineapple-less Money Huatarts (S$18.70) that comes auspiciously adorned with dollar signs and numbers imprinted on each tart. Each one comes crumbly and lightly sweet—very addictive. I’m trying my utmost best to shy away from the word buttery, but it does encapsulate all that’s going on in my mouth. Are my dreams fulfilled? Indeed. Botart has to thank for that, and for all the curious ones out there, I urge you to try some for yourself. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

 sea salt caramel tarts in hand

Just one would typically be enough, but in the spirit of all things abundant, I spring for another one of the brand’s options—the Sea Salt Milk Caramel Glazed Huatarts (S$20.50). This one isn’t all cookie though (pun intended), because Botart offers a caramel filling that’s flecked with sea salt. It’s a sweet-salty combination to swoon over. Friends and family alike will be impressed with this variant, making this one thoroughly enticing as a gift option this new year.

The bottom line? I’m happy that Botart pulls through in delivering their unique pastries that prove to be more than just a novelty. As I’m writing this, my box of tarts sits half-empty in front of me, and it’s not about to get any fuller.

Date & Time: Online orders are available here.
Prices: S$18.70 per jar of Pineapple-less Money Huatarts, S$20.50 per jar of Sea Salt Caramel Glazed Huatarts

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