Brasserie Les Saveurs (St Regis): Launch of Spring Menu 2014

 “Finest French Spring”

brasserie les saveur romantic night Revel in a classy, seasonal Spring menu and join this gastronomical journey lasting till mid June 2014. How classy, you ask? There’s even a live jazz singer with piano accompaniment performing sets every night (except Sunday). At Brasserie Les Saveurs, you can enjoy the exquisite dishes a la carte, or indulge in the degustation dinner set menu to try all of Chef Fabrice Passicos’ creations. Brasserie Les saveurs tuna tataki Le Thon Mi-Cuit. A perfectly seared Yellow Fin Tuna Tataki served with fresh musclun leaves, ripe mango and green pea pate, star anise red wine honey and shiso cress. Simple on the opening palate with that hint of excitement from the tangy red wine honey and mango for things to come. brasserie les saveurs morel dumpling brasserie les saveurs st regis morel veloute Veloute Aux Morilles Et Parfait De Foie Gras. Light Morel Veloute and Foie Gras Custard served with herb brioche toast and morel dumpling. The morel (a kind of mushroom) veloute is poured onto the dumpling and custard later on so the dumpling doesn’t get soggy, as well as for aesthetic purposes. The dumpling skin was a tad dry though, but other than that the veloute sauce with the cheesy foie gras custard made a fine pairing with a bite of shrimp in the dumpling. A light mushroom taste that promises to have flavour yet not overpower your senses. brasserie les saveurs spring buttered european asaparagus

Fricassee D’ Asperges. Buttered European White Asparagus served with Poached Sweet Shrimps, Hollandaise sauce, Snow Pea shoots and Dill Oil. Shrimp was sweet, crunchy to the bite and is reinforced with the well emulsified buttery, eggy hollandaise for a fuller taste. I thought the white asparagus could have been a tad softer to have more harmony with the dish, but taste wise was there. brasserie les saveurs spring menu cod La Morue Du Pacifique. Oven-Baked Pacific Cod. Comes with warm leek, cauliflower vichyssoise, pickled parsley, shimeji mushrooms and fresh salmon roe. I felt this was a perfectly executed fish dish. Baked at the exact even temperature, the well cooked cod goes in tandem with the thick cauliflower vichyssoise for extra umami, and provided contrast to the dryness of the baked fish. Ikura adds that extra burst of fishiness. The pickled shimeji and parsley on the other hand, which are sour, serve to cut through this thickness of flavour and the fishiness. Absolutely blown away by the balance of this dish. brasserie les savuers spring lamb cutlets Agneau De Printemps. Grilled Medium Spring Lamb Cutlets with Sauteed Potatoes, Sweet Rhubarb Compote, Fine Spring Vegetables, Fresh Garden Herbs and Petite Salad. A very meaty lamb with a nice charred finish. My first lamb rack was really tender, but the other piece was tougher to cut. Still, the sweet and sour rhubarb compote manages to compliment the gaminess of the lamb overall for good taste. brasserie les saveurs crepes Fresh Strawberries Crepes Romanov. Strawberries flambeed with fresh black pepper and fine vodka, aromatized with 100 year old Grand Marnier and served with homemade pistachio ice cream. Strong citrus flavours from the Grand Marnier, and overall a mix of sweet and sour with that very subtle dash of pepper. The last course was actually the Chez Le Fromager, or a cheese platter, which we skipped for the sake of being able to walk, not waddle, out of the restaurant. brasserie les saveurs st regis hotel table A very graceful, fine dining experience, with most dishes pairing well with the house champagne Billecarte Salmon Brut (also one of my personal champagne favorites). If you appreciate French refinement in one of the most tastefully set restaurants, you will definitely enjoy Brasserie Les Saveurs‘ Spring menu. 7 Course Dinner experience: $168++ per pax 5 Course Dinner experience: $148++ per pax

Brasserie Les Saveurs (St. Regis Hotel): 29 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247911 | Tel: 6506 6860| Website