Brez’n: Bringing You Hearty Bavarian Delights In Singapore


Derived from the Bavarian word for sourdough bread a.k.a the pretzel, Brez’n specialises in Bavarian cuisine. Serving all things Bavarian, their classic favourites, such as the crispy pork knuckles and various jumbo sausages are sure to satisfy all carnivores out there.

Located at Valley Point, the restaurant is helmed by Chef Dominik Österreicher who happens to be the former executive chef of Brotzeit. Coincidentally, they are also operated by the same team behind ERWIN’S Gastrobar, LeVel 33 and Kaiserhaus so you know that you are in good hands.


With a casual dining setting, Brez’n is decked in wooden tables and chairs with accents of green nestled in between. Housed in a rather large space, it is also suitable for parties if you are hosting quite a large number of guests.


Having a delegated kids’ corner makes Brez’n the perfect place for parents to go if they want to bring their kids out for a meal while keeping them entertained. What’s more, guests that come with pets can also opt to dine in their al fresco area outside. Kids and pets friendly, all the more reason to come here.


Spinatknödel ($22)

Brez’n believes in something for everyone, they have created a dish that specially caters to non-meat eaters. I dare say that this is as good as its meat offerings.

Topped with cheese shavings, their spinach and bread dumplings are to die for. The dumplings went so well with the braised red cabbage that was slightly brushed with butter and had a hint of cinammon spice to it, reminding me strongly of Christmas. The roasted almonds helped to add a nice crunchy texture to the dish, which I fully appreciated as well.  

This can be eaten as an appetiser before you embark on the heavier meat dishes or even as a main dish if you prefer. 


Brez’n Sandwich Leberkäse ($14)

A pretzel sandwich? A unique spin on the conventional for sure. Made with warm oven-baked pretzels instead of the usual sliced bread, their meatloaf sandwich is strongly recommended.

Filled with sauerkraut and thick slabs of meatloaf on top of a layer of hot honey mustard and pickles, this made for a flavourful serving indeed. Furthermore, a side of thick cut fries sprinkled with salt is always welcome on the side.  


Brez’n Platte ($88)

The highlight of our meal was definitely the Brez’n Platte. Good to be shared with three or four people, their platter features all the classic Bavarian meats.

With sausages that are hand-made by their Master Butcher, you can expect to find a chicken Hauswurst, Weisswurst, two Regensburger sausages and of course, the traditional Thuringer sausage snail.

If that doesn’t sound appetising enough, they also have a roasted pork knuckle infused with homemade brine. Not only is the pork knuckle crispy and makes a crackling sound when you cut into it, it is also juicy and tender when bitten into. In addition, they had a Braumeister Ripperl, a tasty rack of ribs that we polished clean in no time. 

As always, a generous side of sauerkraut is served together with a freshly baked potato filled with sour cream, spring onions and bacon. 


Paulaner draft beers ($9.50 – $27.50)

To top it off, we had the Paulaner draft beers such as the Hefe Weissbier (wheat beer) and Paulaner Dunkel (dark lager), just to name a few. Prices start from $9.50 depending on the beer you are going for. Aside from the bottles, you can also choose to get them in glasses which can be ordered in 0.3, 0.5 and 1 litre sizes.

One can’t possibly dine at a German restaurant without having a tall glass or even a pint of beer to wash down the hearty dishes.


Kaiserschmarrn ($14)

And finally, to end our meal on a sweeter note, we had the Kaiserschmarrn, better known as the Emperor’s Pancake. A traditional treat that is guaranteed to satisfy patrons, this shredded pancake has a nice caramelised flavour to it. With snow sugar dusted on top, it was simply delectable when dipped into the sweet plum sauce.


The mixture of cold beer and comfort food starring several meat-heavy plates are really what makes Brez’n a go-to place for authentic Bavarian delights.

If you are a lover of this particular cuisine, why not make a trip down to Brez’n to enjoy a hearty feast with your loved ones? Their portions are rather sizeable, what with their huge platters, so it is highly recommended that you share them with some good company.

Expected damage: $60 and above

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Address: Brez’n, 491 River Valley Road,  Valley Point #01-21/22/23, Singapore 248371 | Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday (11.30am – 11pm), Fridays (11.30am – 12 midnight), Saturday & Sunday (8am – 11pm)| Tel: 6235 1613 | Facebook