Brizo Gives a Taste Of Singapura in their SG50 Buffet

Get a Local Taste of Singapore’s Food Within A Buffet


In the spirit of celebrating Singapore’s 50th birthday this upcoming August 2015, Brizo Restaurant and Bar has launched a dinner buffet which features local comfort food dishes, in addition to their usual seafood fare.

Within the period of 1 July 2015 to 30 September 2015, customers can expect to indulge in Brizo’s buffet items of fresh, savoury seafood and delectable local delights – Salted Egg Crayfish, Wok-Fried Lala in Bean Paste and Squid in fragrant Curry Sauce are just a few of them!


With the feature of ceiling to floor glass windows, the interior of Brizo restaurant and bar gave off a very polished vibe. Classy chandeliers were also seen to be fitted to the ceiling; it was all very sleek and modern-looking. Even though the restaurant itself does not occupy a large space, the smart seating arrangements made it seem extremely spacious and grand, even.


Local Delights Section. This was where nearly all the local food action was: Local Green Mussel with Spicy Bean Sauce, Tiger prawns in cereal and even the Nasi Goreng Fried in Kampong style could be found here.


In my humble opinion, nothing ever tastes bad when it is dipped in salted egg sauce. The Salted Egg Crayfish is easily one of my favourite dishes out of all the buffet items which Brizo had on offer.

The salted egg sauce was runny and it coated the entirety of the halved crayfish, infusing the meat with its goodness. Unlike other salted egg sauces which can be a little too sweet, this particular sauce tasted as though it was comprised entirely only of salted egg yolks. It was delicious.

The crayfish itself was of a sizeable portion; it was meaty and succulent.


As a lover of mussels, I felt that Brizo’s unique Local Green Mussel with Spicy Bean Sauce did not disappoint. The spicy bean sauce gave the dish the extra ‘oomph’ to the fresh mussels.


On a rotational basis, the Carving Station also features Executive Chef Wilson’s signature Baked Red Snapper in Sambal Chilli. The flesh slid right off the bones the moment I prodded the slicing knife into the fish greedily – the meat was still giving off steam when I proudly carried it back to my table. The sambal was not overpowering, it lent just the right amount of kick to the red snapper’s meat without masking the freshness of the fish.

By the time I returned for more, all that was left of the Red Snapper were its bones.


There was also a Satay and Ngor Hiang section.


The satays were in high demand that evening; I witnessed the continuous re-filling of the satay supply by the staff whenever it ran out. Tender and juicy, all the satays (chicken, beef and mutton) were delightfully flavoursome. It was the peanut sauce which disappointed me a little – it was very heavy and oily in the mouth. On their own though, the satays were worth every trip of mine to the corner of the restaurant.


How could I ever miss out on the Fresh Seafood Section? Seafood aficionados can look forward to a great spread of fresh catches from the sea: Chilean scallops, flower crabs, Canadian green whelks, Canadian oysters, Tiger prawns and even salmon sashimi!



Without the accompaniment of a sauce or dip, the subtle sweetness of the prawns really came through for these Tiger Prawns. There was a mess of prawn shells on my plate at the end of the night – I must have eaten at least 8 of them. With a dash of tobasco sauce and lemon juice, the oysters were mind-blowing. But of course, I am an oyster fanatic so I would naturally gravitate toward the oysters.


Despite the rather limited selection of desserts over at the Desserts Bar, Brizo still managed to incorporate Singaporean flavours into its items, such as the durian pengat and the kueh lapis.


When I first spooned the Durian Pengat into my mouth, I remember exclaiming to whoever would listen to me that it was so good. It was rich and felt just a little sinful- it was as though I was eating a whole durian, just without its seeds. How convenient! Durian lovers will surely go ga-ga over this, just like how I did.


The kueh lapis had a sponge-cake like texture and taste to it – it didn’t taste much like how a traditional kueh lapis would, so that was rather disappointing.

Overall, I feel that Brizo Restaurant and Bar has done a rather decent job in incorporating the traditional flavors of Singaporean food into its buffet offerings. In my opinion, the highlight of the buffet would be the Salted Crayfish, Green Mussels and Satay sticks. Also, you cannot go wrong with the fresh seafood selection – oysters, sashimi and mussels etc., Brizo has on offer.

The Taste of Singapura dinner buffet in Brizo Restaurant and Bar is available from 1 July to 30 September 2015, every Wednesday to Sunday evening from 6.30pm to 10.30 pm, at $58++ (Wednesday and Thursday) and $68++ (Friday to Sunday) per adult. Parents, here’s something to celebrate: children aged 6 to 12 years old dine at half price!

Expected Damage: $60 – $75

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