Cook at your dining table in style with sleek, minimalistic BRUNO Cookware

Now that you have got your key to your BTO flat, the next thing on your agenda is deciding furniture and how to style your new home. As always at, we are not here just to provide you with the latest food trends and openings, but when it comes to lifestyle home trends, we have also got you covered.

Home and kitchen appliance trends never stop evolving,  with the previous character-themed home and kitchen appliances collaborations of Disney X Mayer and LINE friends X Joyoung to name a few. This time around, we have the latest BRUNO cooking appliances that we’re confident will get just as excited.

BRUNO Cooking Appliances

If you don’t already know, BRUNO, a Japanese cooking appliance brand, has become a cult favourite amongst home cooks with their functional, beautifully vintage, and elegant cookware.

1. BRUNO Compact Hot Plate 

BRUNO Compact Hot Plate cookware

Coming in a series of soft, natural pastel shades, the BRUNO Compact Hot Plate will fit into any minimalistic home. The BRUNO Compact Hot Plate will revolutionise your home cooking even for the ‘undomestic’ goddess out there that allows you to enjoy your meals in the comfort of your home, right on your dining table.

With the various hotplates accessories available with the BRUNO Compact Hot Plate which you can get here, you can easily prepare hearty pancakes for breakfast and even convivial hotpots for dinner. Priced at the range of S$52 – S$259 with free shipping, the BRUNO Compact Hot Plate is currently out of stock on various sites so I would suggest to hurry and add them to your cart while it’s still available on Shopee. 

Shop the BRUNO compact hot plate here.

2. BRUNO Hot Sandwich Maker

BURNO Hot Sandwich Maker cookware

Other than its pastel series, the BRUNO Peanut Limited Edition Hot Sandwich Maker is also available on Shopee, which allows you to whip up your quick and easy sandwiches in just two to three minutes. Simply insert your fillings in between your pastry for a brisk lunch. It comes in two different sizes—the mini and plus size—which you can easily use to heat up bite-sized pastries such as cupcakes and tarts for a relaxing afternoon tea break. 

Similarly, you can purchase the hot plate accessories here, which suit both the mini and plus size models, allowing you to get creative with your treats. If you are worried about storing this appliance, fret not, as it’s fuss-free and is compact in size, with its portable size. Priced between S$135 – S$233 with free shipping, the BRUNO Hot Sandwich Maker is worth purchasing if you want to flex your creative muscles during your next tea break at home.

Shop the BRUNO Hot Sandwich Maker here.

3. BRUNO Mini Rice Cooker

BURNO Mini Rice Cooker

Don’t underestimate the size of the BRUNO Mini Rice Cooker. Perfect for two to three pax, the BRUNO Mini Rice Cooker is not only compact with its size but it’s also easy to use if you want to whip up everyday meals such as hotpot, porridge, soup, and even DIY lok lok. For days where you are too busy to cook your meals, simply throw in your desired ingredients and let the BRUNO Mini Rice Cooker cook on its own, complete with the auto food warming function after which will greet you with a nice warm meal that’s ready for digging in. The BRUNO Mini Rice Cooker is now going for S$130 with free shipping

Shop the BRUNO Mini Rice Cooker here

Nothing beats cooking up a meal together with your family while bonding over meaningful conversations and laughing at the dining table, all with the convenience of BRUNO cookware. Other than the functionality of its products, the classic, sleek design of this series of BRUNO’s cookware definitely helps to add a touch of minimalism and functionality to your home. You can now get yours on Shopee with just a few clicks!

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