Buzz In The Woods: Enjoy Fantastic Food & Be Surrounded By Beautiful Greenery At Tanglin Road

Buzz In The Woods 2

I have a thing for restaurants with nice scenery; the quality of the food is the main point, but dining at a place that has a great view really adds to the experience, and I think that’s where Buzz In The Woods shines.

This restaurant takes up a huge plot of land at Phoenix Park, with seating capacity for over 300 people available across two floors.

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Head on down on Thursdays for the Oyster Thursday promotion and enjoy $1 oysters when you purchase a bottle of champagne, wine or whisky. What better way to start off the meal than with some creamy, Pacific French oysters that arrive fresh daily? These oysters were briny, firm and went very well with a glass of white wine.

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For appetisers, I had the Baked Brie With Syrup And Thyme ($19). The brie cubes were baked in thyme-infused maple syrup, and this dish was absolutely delicious. The cheese was warm and gooey, with a level of saltiness that balanced out the sweetness from the syrup, and went well with the crunchy slices of toasted bread.

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I expected the Buzz Cheese And Parma Ham Platter ($26) to be a standard mix of brie and other cheeses, but I was proven wrong with the inclusion of smoked cheddar and some grilled feta cheese. The brie was creamy with a thin rind that didn’t detract too much from the soft cheese interior. The grilled feta was interesting, with a salty, chewy texture; a complete departure from traditional feta cheese.

The parma ham was great, with a slight saltiness and chew to it. I liked the addition of the pickles and fruit, which added freshness to the dish.

Buzz In The Woods 6

If you’re a steak person like me, you’ll have to try the Buzz Special Ribeye Steak ($35). The piece of 150-day grain-fed Australian beef is best eaten without the sauce. While the mushroom sauce I opted for was good, the steak was amazing on its own and the sauce didn’t do much in terms of enhancing the flavour.

I’m an advocate of having steaks done medium rare, and that’s the doneness that most chefs recommend as well. My steak was spot on, and the greens on the side were crunchy and the balsamic dressing added a nice touch of acidity.

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For something a little lighter, try the Angel Hair Pasta With Truffle Oil ($17). Instead of getting an overpowering aroma of truffle oil — as is the case with artificial truffle oils — the scent is more subtle with this dish from the use of natural truffle oil.

I’m a big fan of the sakura ebi topping as it lends a nice hit of flavour and depth to the dish. The pasta was cooked al dente, without being overly oily, and the shallots that were included added a nice sweetness.

Surrounded by gorgeous greenery, Buzz In The Woods is definitely the place for a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a bit of a walk from the nearest bus stop, but well worth it.

Expected damage: $40 – $50 per pax

Buzz In The Woods: 320 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247980 | Tel: +65 81687127 | Opening hours: (Tues to Fri) 11.30am – 11pm, (Sat to Sun) 10am – 11.45pm, Closed on Monday | Facebook