Support Our Hawkers and Aid in Charity By Placing Delivery Orders With BySGForSG

Even with the end of the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period, as our lives recover step by step back to normal, it is no doubt how badly the global COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our economy. Many livelihoods have been severally affected and with the restriction of dining out until Phase 2 of the nation’s re-opening, our local F&B business is probably one of the industries that have taken the greatest blow.

In order to keep business sustainable, several small F&B establishments have turned to the use of digital platforms for marketing and sales. This, however, only represents the minority of business owners who are digitally advanced and quick to respond. But what about the majority of elderly hawkers who are challenged with high commission rates on delivery platforms or their lack of technology savviness?

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Built on the desire to support local F&B businesses—in particular, hawkers and small-scale eateries—BySGForSG was launched with the aim of helping F&Bs retain most of their profit margins and resolve technological difficulties of taking their businesses online.

A non-profit online ordering and delivery platform, BySGForSG hopes to create an eco-system of support by going beyond just providing assistance to hawkers who work tirelessly to feed us. 

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Unlike other food delivery platforms, there are no on-boarding or administration fees in which vendors are required to pay to join the BySGForSG platform. Besides that, BySGForSG only charges a 5% commission fee based on the total food bill, of which, the full amount will be donated to YMCA’s Wok The Talk initiative. 

As such, every order made through this delivery platform will not only aid in helping our heritage hawker culture stay afloat during this difficult time, it also supports beneficiaries like vulnerable seniors, persons with special needs, and migrant workers by providing them with hot meals and grocery packs.

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“No one should be left behind and BySGForSG is created to meet the pressing need to empower small-scale food businesses to stay afloat in these times,” said Jack Ong, founder of BySGForSG.

As the saying goes, ‘a little goes a long way’. By supporting the BySGForSG initiative, every dollar we pay for our meal goes into helping a fellow Singaporean one way or another. Who knows, the amount we pay for our bowl of beef noodles or plate of chicken rice might just change someone’s lifestyle for the better!

Dates & Times: Visit BySGForSG’s website for a list of vendors and to place your orders here

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