Cafe 2000 (M Hotel): Singapore Buffet Review

“It’s a crab buffet fiesta at Cafe 2000”

cafe2000 M Hotel It is the time of the year where restaurant outlets are launching sumptuous eat-all-you-can crab buffet feasts. Same goes to Cafe 2000 at M Hotel which launched their Crab-a-licious Buffet dinner. cafe 2000 interior Majority of its patrons are business executives working in the CBD area. By nightfall, the restaurant capacity was at its brim – so do remember to call in for reservation of seats. cafe 2000 sushi fresh oysters prawns

The fresh seafood selection consists of sashimi, oysters, mussels, cold prawns and crayfish. Great spectrum of seafood, especially the prawns and crayfish which were deliciously sweet and refreshing. cafe 2000 flower crabs cafe 2000 spanner crab m hotel The crustacean bar is also offering the toothsome Spanner Crab, Alaskan Snow Crab and Flower crabs. Keep yourself busy, go forth and indulge in all the seafood goodness. cafe 2000 crab feast singapore Things are going to get messy when you have crab, and that should be the way to eat it. cafe2000 meat selections Premium meat selections of BBQ Pork Ribs and Roasted Beef Prime Ribs, grilled by the kitchen chef upon order at the counter. I found the roasted beef slightly more done than a medium rare, but the pork ribs were succulent and well-marinated. The meats and sausages are grilled and heated up again on the hot plate when you order, ensuring you get it hot. cafe 2000 seafood paella They also serve Spanish Paella here as part of the buffet spread.  cafe 2000 salted egg yolk crab buffet Stir-fried Crab with Salted Egg Yolk. The salted egg yolk sauce is pretty light therefore not overwhelming the tastiness of crab meat. You can taste the graininess of the salted egg though, which I like. Crabs featured are small, but comparatively bigger than other crab buffets I’ve been to. cafe 2000 m hotel chili crab buffet Chili Crab. Cafe 2000’s own rendition of chili crab was a hit and a miss for me. Their homemade chili paste was a little too liquid than I would’ve liked. The meat tears off nicely from the crab shell, which shows good cooking technique. This dish was more on the sweet side rather than chili spice. Of course don’t forget to pair the sauce with mini fried man tous available at the counters. cafe 2000 waffles station Waffle station. A range of toppings from almond nuts to ice cream to pair it with freshly baked and moist waffles. cafe2000 dessert section A large range of desserts ranging from chocolate fondue fountain to Peranakan pastries. A notable dessert would be Durian Puree, a thick creamy paste with bittersweet aftertaste. cafe 2000 m hotel The restaurant itself is quite small and seats are limited- there is a bit of a crowd you will have to tackle at the buffet corners. Due to the number of guests, some basic utensils might run out fast; I had trouble finding a sauce plate or chopsticks for my sashimi. Overall, Cafe 2000 provides a essential spread of buffet items, featuring the major favorites including fresh seafood and grilled meats. The crabs were also quite well cooked and is something to try.
My only complaint is how crowded the restaurant gets and when you have to wait for items to be refilled. Other crab dishes include: Crab Rendang Palembang, Baked Mini Flower Crab in Cheese, Tandoori Style Roasted Crab, Butter Crab, Stir Fried Crab with Salted Egg Yolk and Crab Lemak Nenas. Due to popular demand, Cafe 2000’s crab feast buffet dinner has been extended till 31 July 2014.
Crab-a-licious Buffet Dinner Sunday to Thursday, 6.00pm – 10.30pm Adult $55++ | Child $30++ Crab-a-licious Seafood and BBQ Buffet Dinner Friday and Saturday, 6.00pm – 10.30pm Adult $68++ | Child $38++ chope restaurant reservation singapore

Cafe 2000: 81 Anson Road, M Hotel, Singapore 079908 | Tel: 6500 6112 | Website