Cake Avenue: This Quaint Cafe Serves Cleverly Disguised Desserts & Hearty Meals In Lorong Kilat

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Tucked away in a little corner of Lorong Kilat, sits Cake Avenue, a well-known halal bakehouse specialising in themed cakes, and has since expanded into a quaint cafe that serves up yummy western food and creative desserts.  

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The cafe was decked out in brightly coloured lanterns that complemented the warm, cheerful decor of the place. They even have a deck outside that you can enjoy your meal at while soaking up the relaxing vibe of the cosy neighbourhood.

This is a really great place to bring the whole family down for a weekend meal, or for students who want a quiet place to enjoy a sweet treat while studying.

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It was my first time having a unicorn drink, and Cake Avenue served up these two yummy friends called Blush (left, pink) and Sunshine (right, yellow). At $7.90 each, these milkshakes were topped with marshmallow ears and a pastel rainbow meringue horn.

Blush was strawberry-flavoured and reminded me of strawberry Meiji milk. My dining partner and I agreed that Sunshine was hands-down a favourite for both of us, as the milkshake was thicker and had a more authentic mango taste, with a flavourful aftertaste that reminded us of sweet creamed corn.

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The Lamb Shank($18.90) was a generous portion of vegetables and meat that came in rich, tangy tomato stew. The lamb was fall-off-the-bone tender and very moist, and the meat went very well with the flavoursome stew.

This dish also came with two slices of garlic bread, that I wish I had more of to mop up that lovely, savoury sauce with.

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Next was the Lasagna ($15.90) that had an authentic homemade feel to it with its rustic tomato sauce. The layers of pasta were a bit dough-ey, but this dish became more addictive with each bite that I took.

I personally love my minced meat with a bit of gristle in it, and the minced meat in this dish had just that, which gave it that extra sinewy bite and enhanced the flavour of the meaty filling.

Cakeave Sliders (1 Of 1)

When the Diner Sliders and Fries($15.90) were served up, my dining partner and I couldn’t stop cooing over how cute this dish looked. This was a dark chocolate ice cream “patty” sandwiched between a two butter cake “buns”, dressed with passionfruit custard “mustard” and raspberry “ketchup”.

I love how the sesame seeds on the top “bun” added an authentic touch to this “slider” dessert, but however, as pretty as it looks, it was really just a dressed up ice cream sandwich. This dish has to be eaten quickly too, as it gets rather messy once the”patty” starts melting.

Cakeave Corndog (1 Of 1)

Now onto the greatest “con” of all — aptly named, The Great Con-Dog($8.90), is filled with a warm sweetcorn custard, encased in a fried, breaded shell. It was served with two cute little condiment bottles containing raspberry sauce “ketchup” and passionfruit custard “mustard”, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I loved how interactive this dish was, with DIY condiments that you can dress the dish with, and I was definitely pleasantly surprised by the warm, rich custard, that went well with the texture of its crispy exterior.

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The Alphabet Soup($9.90) was my favourite dessert out of the three. It is made of creamy lychee mousse, with generous chunks of lychee and raspberries, topped with sweet milk agar “alphabets” and rose jelly “broth”.

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but this dessert appealed to me with its light and fruity mousse, and crunchy lychee bits. However, I felt that the layers of cake between the layers of mousse were a tad too soggy for my liking.

Overall, I’d say that this place is great for families with kids, and a nice place to spend a quiet afternoon doing some work or reading. The food is value for money and doesn’t compromise on taste as well.

These novelty desserts are something that will appeal to the kids and adults alike, and definitely worth the trip down if you’re looking to spend some quality family time together.

Expected Damage: $10 – $18 per pax

Cake Avenue: 33 Lorong Kilat, #01-01/02 Kilat Centre, Singapore 598132 | Tel: 6877 9008 | Opening Hours: 10.30am – 8.30pm (Tue-Sun), Closed on Monday | Website