10 Singapore CBD Places For Lunch $7 and Below

In the painstakingly expensive business district, where money rolls in for the high flyers and the rest of us are just trying to find our way about the financial ladder, budgeting is crucial, especially when it comes to lunch.

Just a simple meal around the area can set you back each day by tens of dollars, and there goes a portion of your salary on meagre, unsatisfying food to boot. Here, we managed to scour the CBD to bring you cheaper but still tasty alternatives, to fill both your stomach and wallet well.

1. Aussie Roll


With undefeated value at just $2++ per roll, aussie roll presents a quick and fast grab-to-go meal thats both satisfying and easy on the pocket. With generous fillings for favourites such as lobster and garlic king prawns, these really provide amazing value thats seemingly rare for a meal in the CBD.

Address: Chevron House, 30 Raffles Place #B1-04A,  Singapore 048622

2. Urban Bites

Photo: thecattylife.com

Offering a variety of wrap-style sandwiches for $7 a pop, the mediterranean cuisine here is also worth a shout out. The sandwiches are pretty filling and tasty, with a wide variety of options such as the grilled kebab or chicken shwarma. Both novel and affordable, urban bites proves to be a good choice for a casual lunch.

Address: 161 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068615

3. The Sandwich Shop

Photo: eatbma.blogspot.com

With a fresh selection of salads and sandwich to pile on daily, the sandwich shop offers a hearty one-dish meal packed full of essential nutrients at affordable prices. You can enjoy their salads for $4.50, or share a platter for 6 for about $40. The best thing is that delivery is available too, for orders above $10.

Address: 61 Robinson Road, Robinson Centre, Singapore 068893

4. Maxwell Market

Photo: patrickmccoy.typepad.com

Housing Singapore’s most famous chicken rice stall, Tian Tian, maxwell market offers a plethora of food choices at a fraction of the prices as per other dining establishment in this district. While you’re there, also try the black pepper char siew noodles ($4.50), sliced fried fish bee hoon soup and a hearty bowl of porridge from zhenzhen.

Address: 1 Kadayanallur Street, Singapore 069184

5. The Tea Party Cafe


Where else can you find a whole aglio olio dish for just 5.90 in the CBD? Served with a soup on the side, the tea party cafe offers pretty affordable cuisine, but this agile olio is definitely the deal breaker. Piping hot with fragrant garlic notes, as well as prawn and mushroom slices, the portion served is just right. You won’t believe the value.

Address: China Square Central, 3 Pickering Street #01-27, Singapore 048660 

6. Komala’s


Starting from a decent price of $5.50, Komala’s offers a hearty meal of Indian cuisine which will leave you full and satisfied such that a food coma would be sure to ensue. Try their tasty combo meals, which come with a soft drink as well.

Address: Chevron House, 30 Raffles Place #B1-06,  Singapore 048622

7. Golden Shoe Hawker Centre


Again, most Singaporeans will flock to hawker centres for their daily fix of delicious local cuisines at affordable prices. Golden shoe is definitely not the exception, and placed in the middle of the CBD, it is flooded with an influx of the office crowd on a daily basis. Here, you can try their Nasi Lemak (Market Street Nasi Lemak) for just a nominal price of $2.50. Other choices such as Yong Tau Foo (Meng Kee) and tom yum ban mian (Qin Ping handmade noodle) will be sure to satisfy both your stomach and wallet.

Address: 50 Market Street, Singapore 048940

8. Mushi Mushi Singapore

Mushi-Mushi-Interior-2 Mushi-Mushi-Collection

After a full day of sitting behind your computer screen, not many people have the appetite to eat a heavy meal. Mushi Mushi provides a viable lunch option for those who would prefer a light meal which would keep them going for the remaining working hours. This is also perfect for those who are always in a hurry because the packaging of the chawanmushi enable swift take-aways.

One minute you’re in the queue and the next you’re back in your office cubicle enjoying a bowl of smooth egg-y goodness. Prices range from $2.90 for their classic mushi to $4.90 for their Ikura mushi. So affordable that you can buy  one classic mushi and one Ikura mushi without going above the budget of $7.

Address: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #01-09, Singapore 077979 | Opening Hours: Mon- Fri 0730 to 1930; Sat 0900 to 1400; Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays | Website

9. QQRice

qq rice

Originating from Taiwan, QQRice emphasizes heavily on offering healthier rice grains options such as brown rice, purple rice, wheat germ brown rice, mixed grain and supreme combination rice.

Its concept reminds me vaguely of Subway, where you first pick the type of rice grain you prefer and then proceed to choose your desired fillings. For those who do not think they are able to come up with an edible combination of ingredients, there are also pre-set menu choices with safe combinations. Prices start at $2.20 for their snack rolls. Fullness is guaranteed from all that carbohydrates.

Address: #B1-07, One Raffles Place, 1 Raffles Place, 048616 | Opening Hours: Mon- Fri 0730 to 2100; Sat, Sun & PH: 1000 – 1830 | Website

10. Coffee Hive

coffee hive curry chicken

Long hours of working only mean one thing: coffee. Coffee Hive perfect for those who cannot live without some form of caffeine coursing through their bloodstreams. Alongside their coffee, try their signature curry chicken priced economically at $5.60 for that extra oomph in the middle of your other-wise boring day.

Address: 63 Robinson Road,#01-02, Singapore 068894, Afro Asia Building (in MPH Bookstore) | Opening Hours: Mon- Fri 0700 to 1800; Except public holidays | Website