Snooze on this karaage cushion for an elevated food coma

If you scrambled to get the fried shrimp umbrella earlier this month, you’re in-ebi-tably going to be tempted by this Mocchiri Juicy Karaage Cushion (S$42.83).

Brought to you by the same Japanese brand, Felissimo, this deep fried cushion takes the form of springy, juicy fried chicken.

Karaage Cushion Online 1

True to Felissimo fashion, each nugget is designed to a tee—from the irregular shape of chicken karaage to the crispy skin and springy chicken thigh meat, you’d think you were lazing on a giant plate of Japanese fried chicken. They don’t do things by halves, either. Upon closer look, you’ll find that the furry cushion surface actually replicates the uneven texture of fried chicken, giving it an extra boost of realism.

The Karaage cushion even comes in three different designs that capture the multifaceted beauties of deep fried chicken.

Karaage Cushion Online 2

Of course, chicken karaage is not complete without a fresh slice of lemon for a burst of tang. Get a lemon wedge pouch with a 3 times entry order, which will also include all three karaage designs. The lemon is even sized proportionately, and if that’s not attention to detail, I don’t know what is.

Karaage Cushion Online 3

Chicken karaage becomes a full sensory experience here. You might not be able to eat the karaage cushions, but you’ll come really close with a sizzling ASMR, which you can play on your phone and tuck into a handy pocket by the side of the cushion. Snooze to the sound of chicken in the fryer. A new type of food coma, but I’m not opposed.

If just one karaage cushion is enough for you, choose the single order instead. I’m just saying, this one doesn’t include a lemon.

With their array of endearing food-shaped household effects, Felissimo’s You + More range will eventually transform your home into a larger-than-life food galore. Browse their collection at their international site for more whimsical products, with worldwide shipping available.

Date & Time: Now available for worldwide shipping via Felissimo’s site

Price: S$42.83 (JPY3300)