Chong Boon Market & Food Centre undergoing 81-day renovation starting 4 Mar 2024

Do you find yourself taking ages to decide what to have for lunch or dinner? Well, it seems like Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 residents, myself included, won’t have that luxury for a while, as our food options will significantly decrease when Chong Boon Market & Food Centre closes for 81 days of repairs and redecoration from 4 Mar to 23 May 2024.

chong boon renovation - market front

chong boon renovation - notice

The wet market and food centre was first established in 1979 and has previously undergone a 6-month renovation in May 2016.

chong boon renovation - lu ge owner

I chatted with one of the owners of Lu Ge Wanton Noodle (#01-36) and asked him if the rent will increase after the renovation.

“I’m not certain at this point, but if it does happen, I’ll likely maintain the same prices, considering that most of my customers are senior citizens.”

During the 81-day closure, he will probably take a short holiday. The signboard will also be updated with Chicken Karaage Noodles (S$4) and 5 Pcs Chicken Karaage (S$5), which are 2 new dishes that were recently introduced to the menu.

chong boon renovation - herbal soup stall

The lady owner of Bai Jia Yuan Ban Mian (#01-32), a Permanent Resident from Putien, China remarked, “What can we do? If they want to close for so long, we have to follow. At least, I can spend time with my kid now.”

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“Maybe I’ll have to pick up a part-time job!” she added, with a playful chuckle.

chong boon renovation - veg owner

I also chatted with the uncle from my favourite vegetable stall at #01-104, which I frequently support to get ingredients for my Office Chef shoots.

“This upgrading is done by the government, so I don’t think they will raise our rent for no reason.”

chong boon renovation - yong xin owner

If you’re a regular at Yong Xin 永薪 for their dry noodles, the charismatic lady hawker feels sorry that the residents around will have nothing much to eat during this period.

“I’m also not sure if the rent will increase, we’ll just see how it goes. I’ll probably go for a trip.” she added.

chong boon renovation - hawker centre scene

Well, let us all support our favourite wet market and hawker stalls from Chong Boon Market & Food Centre before all of them go off for a well-deserved break.

I’m looking forward to seeing them again when they return on 24 May 2024— adiós!

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Chong Boon Market & Food Centre

453A Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 , Singapore 561453

Chong Boon Market & Food Centre

453A Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 , Singapore 561453

Telephone: +65 6225 5632
Operating Hours: 7am - 9pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6225 5632

Operating Hours: 7am - 9pm (Daily)