CLRCFF: Super Hipster & Futuristic Clear Coffee That Will Not Stain Your Teeth, Available For Online Orders

Last Updated: May 3, 2017

Written by Phoebe Kwan

If you need caffeine in your life but despise coffee-stained teeth, we’re totally on the same boat.

Introducing CLRCFF CLEAR COFFEE, the world’s first ever colourless coffee drink.

Apart from pure water, high quality Arabica coffee beans are used in the high technology production of this super avant-garde drink. Also, no preservatives, sugar, artificial flavours or any other sweeteners are added in the process.

While I haven’t had the opportunity to try this, I imagine it to taste like a watered down cold brew. According to Metro, CLRCFF tastes like “water, but an aftertaste of coffee”.

If you think that this futuristic coffee will cost a bomb, they’re surprisingly affordable like an average cup of joe you’d get at a cafe. Priced at 3£ per 200ml bottle (approximately SGD5.50), rest assured that CLRCFF will not bleed your pocket on a daily basis.

Since these babies are only available in the United Kingdom and the United States, I guess it’s a good time to utilise your connections with globetrotting friends to help bring this back. Or, we can only pray and wait for Singapore to bring in CLRCFF for good.

Expected damage: 3£ per bottle (approximately SGD5.50)

CLRCFF Clear Coffee: Only available online in The US and The UK | Website

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