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“Best Scrambled Eggs Ever”

With its roots originating all the way from distant Barcelona, Club Meatballs presents to us an unique and authentic Spanish brunch that will certainly leave you clamouring for more.

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This new F&B space is actually comprised of an open restaurant that serves a choose-your-own-adventure style meatballs experience, and a cold-pressed juice kiosk at the back where they also sell furniture.


Club Meatballs is completely open on two sides with a little cocktail and wine bar at the front corner that sits right on the sidewalk. On the inside is the open kitchen where you can see the chefs work their magic.


Amidst the ceramic, blue tiled walls that reminds one of the deep blue wonder of the Mediterranean Sea, this humble establishment surprises us again and again with their homely and heartwarming weekend brunch menu. Their stellar cuisine definitely left us fully satiated for the whole morning.

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The essence of Club Meatballs’ menu is the “pimp my balls” section where diners can choose between 5 types of meatballs, 5 types of sides and 5 types of sauces to create their own combination of meatballs.

The only mildly strange thing about this tasting is that we’re tasting the brunch menu which does not contain any meatballs at all, which I find odd given that we’re dining in a restaurant called Club Meatball.

It’s like going to the char kway teow stall and eating a good chicken rice, pleasant but just slightly weird. Let’s see what’s in store for brunch.

club meatballs scrambled eggs

Their Revuelto de gambas ($13), was admittedly, the best scrambled eggs I have eaten so far. Tossed with prawns, roasted garlic and spring onions, the deft hand of their Barcelona chef has managed to make this savoury delight something so special that we polished the whole plate off in no time.

Honestly, I never expected their scrambled eggs to come off as so exquisitely superior as per its counterparts. Juicy and slightly wet, it carried the taste of the fresh prawns and garlic, while coated with a generous amount of fragrant olive oil to hit the home run. Atop a slightly hard sourdough toast, the mismash of textures created the perfect balance for this humble dish.


Heuvos con Chorizo ($17). Even though already on an egg overload, I would gladly eat as many more, as long as it’s prepared by Club Meatballs. With three free-range eggs in a pan, fried with generous portions of Iberia Chorizos. The saltier chorizo was both meaty and juicy, complimenting the fried egg perfectly. I would have preferred the eggs to be a little more runny though, being just a tad overdone.

club meatballs Coca de recapte

Coca de recapte ($13). A pretty decent dish of roasted peppers, smoked aubergine, and mackerel on filo pastry. The mackerel was firm and lightly salted, and did not carry off a fishy taste when paired with the bases. However, the pastry didn’t quite do it for me, coming off a little soft, with a slight denseness to it.

club meatballs Boletus Pasta

Lastly, and definitely not the least, was the Boletus Pasta ($16). A homely pasta with an exquisite touch, this homemade fresh pasta is sure to satisfy ones palate, with its creamy textures blended with mushrooms and crunchy salty bacon. Adding on with the subtlety of the aroma of truffle oil to its different layers of taste, sealing the deal.

club meatballs white chocolate cheese cake

Dessert was a sweet, creamy blend of their white chocolate cheesecake (in a jar). It was topped with a citrusy, sour blend of pomegranate seeds and berries, which actually complimented the sweeter white chocolate cheesecake base really well.

It was quite a heavy dessert though, suitable for cheesecake lovers and such. The caramelised cookie biscuit on top was light and crisp, with the perfect tone of sweetness to fall in love with it.

Their desserts range daily, adding a personal touch each time, compliments of the affable chef. You might never know what to expect daily for desserts, but you can be sure it would be something homely and satisfying.

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We also had some coffees with compliments from their barista, and depicted here is the Orange Mocha Coffee (not yet in menu). It tasted surprisingly nice, with a rich chocolatey base and subtle orange undertones. I could say its one of the better flavoured coffees around.

Their lattes were pretty good too, low on acidity, but rich in body. Switch it up for a Iced Latte to beat the heat while you’re at it!

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You could also take a respite from the heat in club meatballs very own enclave of office space. To settle down with a cup of coffee to provide a conducive environment for your workload.

Amazing brunch items, and you can see the experience of Sarnies/The Lokal shining through in the food execution. A pity we didn’t get to try any meatballs at Club Meatballs though which is what one would expect.

Expected Damage: $18 – $26 per pax

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Club Meatballs: 01-35, 20 Cross St, Full Steam China Square Central,  Singapore 048423 | 6222 8660 | Website


Cub Meatballs is available on the The Entertainer App, which offers 1-for-1 main courses when you dine at Candlenut as well as many other restaurants!