6 items from Taobao 11/11 to prime your home for cosy end-of-year parties

Get your home ready to be THE coveted party host in your friend group this festive season, with these six items you can get off Taobao on their 11/11 Kick-off Sale now.

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With a mix of practicality and whimsical fancy, don’t miss out on these six household effects that will turn your home into a dreamy, cosy space perfect for end-of-year parties

Remember to read on till the end to find out how you can save big with Taobao’s 11/11 (almost) year-end sale, with exclusive promo codes for additional discounts. 

1. Portable lantern

We love a little mood lighting for our home parties. This season, though, we’re going to have to keep our parties small with our closest friends and loved ones. Create a cosy and warm space for some well-deserved quality time together, starting with your home lights.

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This nifty portable lantern (U.P. approx. S$38.52) can be used as a night lamp, a flashlight, a table light and a hanging portable lamp, among other configurations. With the LED lantern lights and clean silhouette, it will add a touch of elegance as a piece of home decor. 

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The lamp’s touch switch controls, matte finish, and shiny metal nails combine functionality with elegance, completing its sleek look. It’s available in white and blue gray, perfect for a clean minimalistic look that provides illumination to your home without adding too much distraction. 

A version in wine red is also available if you prefer an extra festive touch.

Shop the portable lantern here.

2. Xiaomi UV disinfection box

Taobao Uv Online 1

Don’t let your guests in without a good disinfection system. With the current COVID-19 situation now in prevention mode, sanitising is all the more important, and we know the items we touch most frequently are rife with germs. With the Taobao 11/11 promotions, there is no better time to get this Xiaomi UV disinfection box (U.P. approx. S$109.07).

Taobao Uv Online 2

With this Xiaomi UV disinfection box, you can conveniently clean your mobile phone and eliminate unwelcome creepers on it. Simply place the phone inside the box, make sure the zip’s aligned when closed, and turn it on. Do this for 30 seconds each on the front and back of the phone. 

The UV disinfection box is also good for other small personal effects, such as wireless earphones, keys, eyeglasses and jewelry. Before you pass around the hor d’oeuvres, you might want to pass around this disinfection box first for a safer party at home.

Shop the box here.

3. Christmas tree cushion seat

Taobao Futon Online 1

Add some whimsical fun to your home decor with this Christmas tree shaped cushion seat (U.P. approx. S$15.81) that will bring out your inner child. With its adorable shape and christmas tree form , this futon cushion promises comfort with a humorous streak that adds to the end-of-year cheer.

TaobaoFuton Onlinne 2

With its padded back, removable cotton-stuffed seat, soft fabric cover and anti-slip base, this cushion seat is as versatile as it is comfortable. On the floor, on the couch, or on a chair—whichever way you choose, just a few of these will turn your living space into an intimate and inviting spot to lounge in. 

For less season-specific designs, the cushion seat is also available in cute designs like avocado, peach and carrot. Shop the cushion seat here.

4. Music Apollo B6 wireless bluetooth speaker

What’s a party without music? Turn it up with this Music Apollo B6 wireless bluetooth speaker (U.P. approx. S$58.39) to chill out to your favourite tunes.

Taobao Apollob6 Online 1

With straightforward controls and a charmingly quaint design, this speaker optimises the convenience of bluetooth connection while preserving a retro look. 

Music is such an essential component to setting the mood for a get together with friends at home. I personally enjoy the process of choosing music in anticipation for a party, because I get to tailor the songs to suit the preferred atmosphere.

TaobaoApollob6 Online 2

Get the Music Apollo B6 wireless bluetooth speaker for a fuss free auditory experience. If that’s not enough to sway you, its retro design will add a visually pleasing charm to your home. Shop the speaker here.

5. Single-user BBQ grill

Party of one? We’ve got you covered too. If you’re more of a ‘me-time’ person, this single-user BBQ grill (U.P. approx. S$66.50) promises to make a solo korean barbecue sesh at home possible. How appropriate in the spirit of Taobao’s 11/11 sales.

Taobao Grill Online 1

Skip the hassle of going out when you just want a little quiet time on your own, and enjoy the same grilled-meat-and-veggie situation in the comfort of home. Simply set up your fun-sized grill by igniting the cotton pieces with the fuel oil to start your fire. Grease the grilling plate and let it heat up before you start cooking. You know the drill from there.

TaobaoGrill Online 2

Alternatively, there is also a slightly bigger option if you’d like to feed two to three people. Shop the grill here.

6. Mountain cup

Taobao Cup Online 1

As much as we love our guests, sometimes it drives us crazy when they place their drinks anywhere but on the coaster we provide. Not that I’m naming names, Sarah. Even worse , if the drink is chilled, the glass inevitably leaves a horrid ring of condensation on the table.

TaobaoCup Online 2

Solve that with this adorable mountain cup (U.P. approx. S$13.79) that comes as a glass and wooden coaster set. The bottom of this drinking glass is raised and shaped to sit snugly around its mountain-shaped coaster. Your guests wouldn’t be able to resist playing matching games with their glasses. 

The glass and wood combination will add a minimalist charm to your crockery, while retaining warmth with the wood accents. You can find this mountain cup in two wood options: deep black walnut or light European beech. 

Keep your table condensation free while amusing your guests with this nifty little item. Shop the cup here.

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Look sharp! The Taobao 11/11 deals are attractive, so, fastest fingers first if you want to transform your home into the cosiest party spot of your friend group. 

Date: Promotions are available from now till 11 November 2020

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