Man accidentally charged $2020.90 for $20.90 steak at Common Grill by Collin’s, takes to Facebook to complain

What would you do if you found out that a restaurant accidentally overcharged you S$2,000 for your meal? While mistakes like these are rare, a customer in Singapore unfortunately experienced it at Common Grill by Collin’s in Geylang.

common grill - receipt

The customer had dined at Common Grill by Collin’s on the evening of 23 Apr 2024 and ordered a ribeye steak, which amounted to S$20.90. After he had made the payment, he noticed that he had accidentally been charged S$2020.90 instead— a whopping S$2,000 more.

The customer then immediately told the staff about the mistake but was informed that he would have to wait for 2 weeks before he could receive his refund. Upset at this, the customer proceeded to insist on receiving the money back immediately, and was allegedly made to wait for an hour and a half.

common grill - receipt

After waiting, the staff took down the customer’s contact details and promised that they would contact him about it the next day. However, on 24 Apr, he did not receive any calls from Collin’s management.

The customer then took to Facebook, posting about his experience in the Complaint Singapore group. At the end of the post, he added that while S$2,000 may have been seen as “insignificant” to the business, that amount of money was a huge portion of his income.

common grill - steak

Netizens reacted with mixed emotions— some criticised the customer for not checking the machine before making payment and defended the staff for making an honest mistake while others sympathised with him and urged him to make a police report.

Other netizens explained that as the customer had made payment via NETS, it would take a few days for the money to reach the restaurant’s account. That explains why Common Grill by Collin’s could not refund the amount immediately.

At the end of the day, it is the responsibility of both the staff and the customer to check that the amount keyed into the system is accurate before payment is made.

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