10 best makan spots at Compass One

You may recall the mall, Compass Point back in 2002. It was then upgraded and renamed Compass One in 2016.

compass one - front view

The shopping centre is located above Sengkang MRT and lies next to Sengkang Bus Interchange. It boasts 4 levels of retail, F&B outlets and amenities together with a basement that has several food options.

compass one - mall interior

With my pair of short legs, I explored the mall and curated a food guide featuring the 10 best dining spots at Compass One to makan at with your family and friends. Don’t worry… there aren’t any flying insects on brushes involved!

1. Chicken Pot (#B1-34)

compass one - chicken pot front

Indulge in an authentic hotpot experience at Chicken Pot, a renowned franchise concept that hails from Shanghai, China. You’ll be given a choice of 5 flavours: chicken, beef, prawn, fish and chicken pork tripe.

What sets them apart from other hotpot establishments is that you’ll get to enjoy it as a claypot-style dish at the start. When you’re ready, watch the magic happen right in front of you as the service staff adds broth to transform the dish into a mini steamboat— how cool is that?

compass one - chicken pot food

Order the Chicken Pork Tripe Hotpot (S$15.80 for small, S$23.80 for large) which comes with a double-boiled pepper soup with generous servings of tender chicken and pork tripe.

If you’re not a big fan of meat, you can also give the Fish In A Pot (S$18.80 for small) a go. You’ll get either snapper or grouper fillet strips depending on the catch of the day, simmered with a broth of preserved pickled vegetables.

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2. Fu Qi Grilled Fish & Spicy Crab (#02-31)

compass one - fu qi grilled fish front

If you’re someone who loves Chong Qing-style grilled fish, it’s time to grab a few buddies along to Fu Qi Grilled Fish & Spicy Crab at Compass One. I mean… grilled fish and Sichuan hotpot combined into one… it’s hard to say no, right?

This independent outlet offers Sea Bass (S$39.80)Qingjiang Fish (S$36.80)Golden Sea Bass (S$36.80), and Lingbo Fish (S$33.80).

There’s a plethora of ingredients available for you to pair your fish with. Eat healthier by adding fresh vegetables such as Kelp (S$3.80)Chinese Cabbage (S$3.80), and Fresh Cauliflower (S$3.80).

compass one - fu qi grilled fish

You can also go all out and treat yourself to a range of meats like USA Premium Beef (S$14.80) and Macau Handmade Luncheon Meat (S$10.80)

The menu also has a selection of cold dishes to cut the richness of the hotpot. Refresh your palate with the Cold Mixed Garlic Cucumber (S$6.80)Green Pepper Century Egg (S$7.80), or Jellyfish Head In Cold Sauce (S$11.80).

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3. Nuodle 牛一嘴 (#01-36)

compass one - nuodle front

Nuodle 牛一嘴 dishes out a myriad of dumpling dishes as well as bowls of Lanzhou-style hand-pulled noodles with a variety of meats. The noodle joint at Compass One is also Halal-certified, which means that our Muslim friends can also get to experience Chinese regional cuisine in Singapore.

The Signature Beef La Mian (S$8.85) is a crowd favourite with tender beef slices and noodles doused in a robust and tasty beef broth. You can also relish in their stir-fried noodle dishes like Lanzhou Fried La Mian (S$9.90) and Lanzhou Fried Bee Tai Mak (S$9.90) (a local-inspired twist).

compass one - nuodle food

Combat the ridiculously hot weather by slurping up a plate of Garlic Chicken Cold Noodle (S$8.85) or the Cold Tofu Century Egg (S$3.20).

You’ll be missing out if you visit Nuodle 牛一嘴 without savouring their dumplings. Try the Dry Handmade Dumpling (S$8.85 for 10 pieces), Sour Soup Handmade Dumpling (S$8.85 for 10 pieces) or something fiery like the Hot & Spicy Wanton (S$7.50 for 10 pieces).

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4. Sally’s (#01-25)

compass one - sally's

Sally’s is a new concept by Neo Group. Calling themselves the Singaporean Diner, they are a casual communal dining spot at Compass one that serves Singaporean heritage dishes with a modern twist.

Eggs and toast are not restricted to only mornings with their all-day breakfast menu. Fill your tummies with the Bacon & Scrambled Eggs with Toast (S$8.50)Sally’s Pork Balls & Sunny-Side Up with Toast and Mushroom (S$8.50) & Cheese Omelette with Fries & Salad (S$8.80).

compass one - sally's

Wow your folks with their assortment of Asian delights like their must-try Sally’s Curry Chicken (S$8.90) (which comes with a choice of either rice or French loaf), Mee Siam (S$7.80) and Yang Chow Fried Rice (S$8.90).

Sally’s also has their Afternoon Tea Delights Set (S$4.20) that gives you a choice from their selection of dim sum like Chee Cheong Fun and Lo Mai Gai together with a hot kopi or teh.

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5. Shan Cheng (Ipoh Delicacies) (#02-28/32)

compass one - shan cheng

Known for their medley of Ipoh specialties hailing from across the causeway, Shan Cheng (Ipoh Delicacies) has several à la carte and set meal food items (comes with a cup of hot coffee or tea) for you to take your pick from, without the need to leave our shores— no more heavy traffic or long queues!

For cold and rainy days, warm your body up with the Authentic Shredded Chicken Horfun (Soup) (S$8.40/S$9.70), Shan Cheng Prawn Noodle Soup (S$8.90/S$10.20) or Ipoh Charsiew with Shredded Chicken Curry Mee (S$10.50/S$11.80).

compass one - shan cheng

Take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride by trying the Chilli Ban Mian (S$9.10/S$10.40) or play it safe by ordering traditional dishes like the Shao Xing Wine Chicken Rice (S$8.90/S$10.20) or Yong Tau Fu Platter (Fried/Soup) (S$8).

The menu also has a range of light bites such as Ipoh Fried turnips (S$6), Ipoh Fried Fu Pei (S$6), and Ipoh Fried Fish Cake (S$6) to accompany your main dishes.

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6. Tuk Tuk Cha Treasures (#01-47)

compass one - tuk tuk cha signatures

Tuk Tuk Cha Treasures is your one-stop destination to get yummy Halal-certified Thai food without purchasing an air ticket to Bangkok. Their main dishes feature crowd favourite street foods which are extremely popular in Thailand.

Indulge in a bowl of Thai Beef Boat Noodle (S$10), Phad Thai (S$10) or Phad See Ew (S$10) (Thai version of char kway teow).

compass one - tuk tuk cha beef noodles

If you’re a fan of their delicious stir-fried minced meats with basil, challenge your tolerance with their 5 levels of spiciness which range from classic to hot right up to insanely hot.

Tuk Tuk Cha Signature serves their array of signature pad krapow options with the usual suspects— white rice and crispy sunny side-up.

Get the Krapow Chicken (S$10) and Krapow Beef (S$12) but I’ll recommend the Krapow Seafood (S$12) which is rarely seen in Thai establishments.

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7. Zoey’s Diner (#01-01)

compass one - zoeys diner

Zoey’s Diner at Compass One is a fuss-free eatery offering tasty and easy meals which are crafted with premium ingredients. They started off with the BAOBAE, which is a twist on the classic burger but have since made changes to their menu.

I tried the Taiwanese Fried Chicken (S$9.50) sandos which came with a fried 5-spice chicken cutlet and tangy coleslaw encased within a thick toast.

You can top up S$3.50 to make it a set. Be spoilt for choice with their 8 varieties of sides which include tasty brussels sprouts, forest mushroom soup and smokey mayo popcorn chicken.

I had mine with truffle fries and iced oolong tea— it was delicious!

compass one - zoeys diner food

You can also try their brioche roll series like the Cheese & Egg Salad (S$7.90), Wasabi Mayo Chicken (S$8.50) and Seafood Salad (S$10.50).

Pasta aficionados will be blown away by their 12 different flavours of pasta. Have something light and simple like the Chicken Aglio Olio (S$8.90) or indulge in something decadent and rich like the Salmon Truffle Cream (S$12.90) or Mushroom & Truffle Cream (S$10.90).

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8. Beef Bro Nasi Lemak (#04-11)

compass one - beef bro nasi lemak

Beef Bro Nasi Lemak is a stall located in Kopitiam food court on the top floor of Compass One. I remember my first ever encounter with blow-torched beef cubes was at a Taiwanese night market during my past holiday — I was treated to a similar visual spectacle here as they specialise in the same concept.

I tried their signature Nasi Lemak Beef Cubes (S$10.90) which came with a mound of coconut rice, sunny side-up, sausage, seared beef cubes, peanuts, cucumber slices and sambal.

compass one - beef cubes nasi lemak

An assortment of other varieties include the Nasi Lemak Chicken Katsu (S$6.90), Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang (S$8.90), and the luxurious Nasi Lemak Lobster (S$15.90).

Before you move on to the next entry, take note that their diverse menu also has dishes like Shortribs Beef Aglio Olio (S$12.50), Salmon Ricebowl (S$11.50), Mentaiko Cheesy Hotdog Bun (S$4.90), Regular Garlic Butter Chicken Cubes (S$13.90), Mala Whole Boston Lobster (S$13.90) and Truffle Mash Potatoes with Brown Sauce (S$4.90)— that’s really a ton of options for a food court stall. Amazing!

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9. Lobster King Pao Fan (#04-11)

compass one - lobster pao fan

Another place worth checking out at the Kopitiam food court at Compass One is Lobster King Pao Fan. The stall introduces its restaurant-quality seafood broths to various food courts and coffee shops at wallet-friendly prices.

Pao fan is quintessentially rice served with fresh ingredients, addictive crispy rice puffs, and aromatic seafood soup… the perfect comfort food to enjoy if you’re feeling under the weather or on a cold, rainy day.

Take your pick from their piping-hot bowls of Fresh Prawn King Pao Fan (S$8.80)Iberico Pork King Pao Fan (S$7.80), or Scallop King Pao Fan (S$6.80).

compass one - lobster pao fan food

You can also go for something light and healthy I did. I ordered the Vegetable Pao Fan (S$6) which came with tau pok and button mushroom. The broth was light and extremely flavourful.

The stall also offers Abalone La Mian (S$14.80), Sliced Fish La Mian (S$8.80) and side dishes like Chilli Oil Shanghai Shrimp Dumpling (S$7 for 6 pieces) and Mixed Salad (S$4) (spiced oyster mushrooms and seaweed).

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10. D’Laksa (#B1-46)

compass one - d laksa

Many years ago, I came across D’Laksa for the very first time at the basement of KSL Mall in Johor Bahru. I tried their Asam laksa and I was blown away! Boy, am I glad to see them emerging onto our shores, and one of them happens to be at Compass One! 

Those who haven’t tried this dish should do so. It has a multi-dimensional flavour consisting of sour, spicy, sweet and umami notes all in one. The Asam Laksa (S$5) comes with bits of fish, sliced red onions, cucumbers, and lettuce served with noodles.

compass one - d laksa closeup

You can ask for the Asam Fishball (S$3.50 for 5 pieces) to accompany your bowl of laksa, or top-up S$0.50 to munch on the Asam Lobster Ball (S$4 for 5 pieces)

To refresh your palate, savour the delightful Fruit Rojak (S$3.50/S$5) which features chunks of cucumber, pineapple and turnip doused in fermented prawn paste and crushed peanuts— a delicious treat!

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Compass One

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Compass One

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Telephone: +65 6819 0733

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