10 best eating spots you should definitely visit at AMK Hub

AMK Hub is no stranger to Singaporeans, standing proud at the matured northeastern district of Singapore. Being a resident of Ang Mo Kio, this mall provides me with various retail, dining, and entertainment options.

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I scouted the entire mall from top to bottom to compile a list of food places that I found to be interesting. With that, I present to you the 10 best eating spots you should definitely visit at AMK Hub.

1. ZAAP Thai Noodles (#03-12)

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Located in the NTUC Foodfare food court on level 3, ZAAP Thai Noodles is run by a team of native Thais.

Unlike other generic Thai food stalls that sell the same old dishes like pineapple fried rice, their food options are more similar to what you can get on the streets of Thailand.

If you’ve read and drooled over the famous Jay Fai and her Michelin-starred crab omelette, the Crab Meat Thai Crispy Omelette Rice (S$12.80) might be an easier solution to curb your cravings. It’s a dish of crispy golden-brown fried eggs served with chunks of crab meat.

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Be sure to dip it into the special sauce that comes with it— you’ll be blown away! You can also try the Drumstick with Chicken Ball Noodle (Dry) at S$6.80. It comes with 3 chicken balls, 1 chicken drumstick, bitter gourd, daikon, half a boiled egg, beansprouts, pork lard and garnished with fried garlic and kin chye (chinese celery).

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2. Nice Rice (#03-12)

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We’ve previously written about Nice Rice at its flagship outlet and they’ve set up another stall at AMK Hub’s NTUC Foodfare food court. It’s helmed by 27-year-old Mandel Ban who is no stranger to the dining scene.

He previously worked in a One Michelin-starred Bacchanalia, and later at Vianney Massot. Specialising in their signature rice bowls, their menu offers 6 varieties for you to choose from.

For beef lovers, I highly recommend the Cow Bowl (S$11.50) which has lovely slices of seared steak, truffled onsen egg, garlic confit, roasted eggplant, and scallions on rice.

amk hub listicle - cow bowl

There’s also the Super Bowl (S$9.50) which has aburi (flame-torched) salmon served with house-special aioli, and is topped with luscious tobiko (fish roe). The stall also has a few side dishes worth looking out for.

You can indulge in the Fried Calamari With Garlic Aioli (S$4.50), Battered Onion Ringz With Garlic Aioli (S$4), Seasonal Nice Salad With Nice Sauce (S$4.50) and Aburi Shishamo With Aioli (S$4.50). NICE!

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3. Rambürger (#B2-44)

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It’s a well-known fact that Ramly burgers are extremely popular at pasar malams. That’s where Halal-certified Rambürger drew its inspiration from, and has a takeaway stall at the basement of AMK Hub— no more waiting for night markets to pop up!

The classic Chicken/Beef Ramburger (S$4.80 for single, S$6.80 for double) is freshly grilled upon order. It’s recommended that you add-on Cheese (+S$1) for a complete gastronomic experience.

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Those with a penchant for seafood will adore the Ebi Prawn Burger (S$5.80 for single, S$8.50 for double) which features deep-fried prawn patties served with delightful mentaiko mayo for a rich umami flavour. For something simpler, there’s always the trustworthy Crispy Fish (S$4.80 for single, S$6.80 for double).

If you want a more complete meal, simply top-up S$3.50 for curly frites and a drink of your choice. If you would like an upgrade of fancier sides, this burger joint also has Cheesy Frites (+S$1.90) and Cheesy Bergidil (+S$2.90).

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4. Yenly Yours Dessert (#B1-51C)

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Yenly Yours Dessert at AMK Hub is the 2nd overseas branch to open outside of Bangkok, apart from the original one at Suntec City. If you’re never heard of them, they are a Thai mango-themed cafe that serves snacks, desserts and drinks revolving around the tropical fruit. 

If you love having mango sticky rice, their range of desserts will blow you away. The Mango Treasure No. 1 (S$14.90) is a divine combination of mango and coconut. The smoothie is topped with a round of large mango chunks, a ball of sticky rice and Yenly Yours-made ice cream to finish things off.

amk hub listicle - yenly yours range

The cafe also has snacks such as Original Mango Mochi (S$2.90 each), Mango Sweet Shrimp Paste (S$8.90) and Mango Sweet Fish Sauce (S$8.90).

Feeling overwhelmed after having mango desserts and mango smoothies? Do not fret. Yenly Yours also serves jasmine tea-infused drinks like the Love At First Drink Coconut (S$8.90 for regular) and Love At First Drink Strawberry (S$8.90 for regular).

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5. Prata Raya (#01-38/39)

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If you enjoy the spice and flavours of Indian food like I do, head to Prata Raya located at the outskirts of AMK Hub near the taxi stand. Whether you want a hearty plate of nasi briyani, share a platter of Indian rojak or simply enjoy a cup of teh tarik, this is the place to be.

You’ll be surprised at how many varieties of fried rice they’ve got on the menu (15 to be exact). The options include Nasi Goreng Seafood (S$6.70), Nasi Goreng Pattaya (S$7.60) and Nasi Goreng Ayam Sambal (S$7.90).

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Prata Raya also has different kinds of sweet and savoury roti prata for you to take your pick from. Your kids will enjoy the Chocolate Prata (S$2.60) or Banana Prata (S$2.60) while you can indulge in a plate of Cheese & Mushroom Prata (S$3.90) on your own— sounds good to me!

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6. Shan Cheng (Ipoh Delicacies) (#B2-45)

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Shan Cheng (Ipoh Delicacies) serves a plethora of Ipoh specialities from across the causeway. Savour their range of noodle items such as Homemade Charsiew Horfun (Dry) (S$4.60/S$8.10), Shan Cheng Prawn Noodle Soup (S$5.20/S$8.90) and Ipoh Charsiew w Shredded Chicken Curry Mee (S$5.90/S$10.50).

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For those who are seeking something healthier, why not order the Yong Tau Fu Platter (Fried/Soup) (S$8) or the Ipoh Golden Platter (S$8.50/S$13.90)?

They’ve even got my favourite Ipoh Chu Cheong Fun (Curry) (S$6.20/S$7.70)— a curry version of our local breakfast item.

You can add S$1.30 to make it a set meal where you can get 1 cup of hot coffee or tea. There’s also a 小吃套餐 (small eats combo) at S$3.20 where you can choose 2 pieces of snacks such as Ipoh Fried Turnips or Ipoh Fried Fu Pei and combine it with a main course or beverage.

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7. Ajisen Tanjiro (#02-19/20/21)

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Ajisen Tanjiro is operated by the same folks behind the famed Ajisen Ramen. Have you ever had kebab meat and ramen together in a dish? Well, you can get it at this exclusive outlet at AMK Hub.

Excite your taste buds by ordering the Spicy Kebab Ramen (S$13) or you can play it safe and go for the chef-recommended Kebab Ramen (S$13). For those who dislike ramen, do not worry. There’s also Kebab Dry Noodle (S$12), Kebab Rice Set (S$12.90) and Kebab Don (S$10.90).

amk hub listicle - ajisen tanjiro ramen

You’ll also be able to find the usual range of tonkotsu ramen and spicy ramen that you’ll usually order at Ajisen Ramen. There’s also a selection of maze soba (sauce ramen) options like Scallop Sauce Ramen (S$12) and Pork Chop Sauce Ramen (S$13).

The menu also offers various side dishes such as Cold Tofu (S$5.90), Chijimi Cheese Octopus (S$5.90) and Kebab Maki (S$5.90)— perfect to match with your bowls of noodles.

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8. Smash by Zoul’s Corner (#B2-48)

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I’m truly glad that ayam penyet has become a thing in Singapore. I mean, who doesn’t love the crispy smashed Indonesian dish served with sambal that’s packed with a punch? I was delighted when I spotted Smash by Zoul’s Corner in the basement of AMK Hub.

The menu features a series of penyet sets. The classic Nasi Ayam Penyet (S$7.90) even has a Nasi Ayam Penyet (Boneless) (S$8.90) version— perfect for lazy bums like me.

amk hub listicle - ikan penyet

If your protein of choice is usually fish, you’ll be pleased to know that this stall has 3 different kinds of fish. Choose from the Nasi Dory Penyet (S$8.90), Nasi Kerapu (Grouper) Penyet (S$11), and Nasi Bawal (Pomfret) Penyet (S$11.50).

I also spotted unique options such as Nasi Sotong (Squid) Penyet (S$9.50) and Nasi Bakso (Beef Meatballs) Penyet which are not commonly seen at other establishments.

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9. DaXi 大喜 (#B1-19/20)

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DaXi 大喜 is an Asian restaurant that is renowned for its dumplings. You’ll get the option to state your preferred style of cooking (boiled, pan-fried or served with home-brewed chicken superior broth)— how cool is that?

Choose from the usual classics like Original Pork (S$10.80 for 5 pcs) or Chives & Pork (S$10.80 for 5 pcs) or be adventurous and go for their unique varieties like Pumpkin & Taiwan Sausage (S$10.80 for 5 pcs) and Smoked Duck (S$11.80).

amk hub listicle - da xi food

If you think that’s all they serve, you’re absolutely wrong. The menu also has grilled rice sets served with house salad and soup. Enjoy the Grilled Black Pepper Chicken (S$12.80) or the Grilled Teriyaki Salmon Fish (S$16.80).

I’m not done yet! How about ordering some small scrumptious bites to accompany your mains? Indulge in the Salt & Pepper Oyster Mushroom (S$6.80), Prawn Cake with Mango Puree (S$10.80) or Chive Egg Pancake with Pork Floss (S$6.80).

+65 6257 6422
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10. Kahuni Acai (#01-03A)

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Kahuna Acai is a one-stop destination for your source of superfoods which are essential for healthy eating and living. They specialise in homemade açaí bowls, granola, and various kinds of nut butter.  

All the ingredients are produced in small batches to ensure their freshness. The granola is oven-toasted and mixed in-house while the overnight oats are made fresh daily. These treats will be the perfect snack on-the-go or after a gym session.

amk hub listicle - acai

Check out their range of açaí bowls which are packed full of flavour and nutrients. Packed full of antioxidants, the Berry-Full (S$9.50/S$13.50) consists of organic açaí, kiwi, banana, blueberries, strawberries, chia seeds, and maple granola. 

For something with a crunch, the Gold-Nuts (S$9.50/S$13.50) contain organic açaí, banana, maple granola, chia seeds, cacao nibs, almond flakes, and your choice of drizzle. You can also customise your bowl with Build Your Fave (S$10.50/S$14.50) with your selections of toppings, base, and drizzle.

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