CompTIA A+ Certification: What It Covers and How to Get It with Practice Tests


If you are looking to get into the IT field but you are out of luck, CompTIA A+ is the credential most likely to help you manage to get to the door. And if you want to land a job on the technical side of IT but you feel stuck, this badge is a great option.

In a job interview, your interviewer could decide to hand you a PC alongside a memory module and ask you to install it. Anyone with the CompTIA A+ certificate should be able to do this in less than 2 minutes.

What does the CompTIA A+ certification cover?

CompTIA A+ covers all the fundamentals of computer hardware. It also covers enough about operating systems to help you demonstrate that you are able to install one and get it running properly. Also, you will come out with the knowledge of Windows and Mac operating systems to get a computer, which uses any of these, up and running properly.

You are expected to know what all the basic components of a computer are. You will understand RAM and CPUs and how to properly install them like a pro. You will understand all the common ports and also what they do. After going through the CompTIA A+ certification path, you will know about network cards and where they are supposed to plug in. Moreover, you will also come out aware of what else can plug in the place where a network card will go. What’s more, the credential ensures that you are capable of performing most upgrades and do quite a number of repairs.

The A+ certificate is vendor-neutral and is popular among a lot of world-famous companies. Therefore, to the extent that it is possible, you can become equally equipped to work on Dell, Apple, Acer, Lenovo, HP, or anyone else’s equipment. Since the corporations usually buy off-the-shelf PCs and don’t necessarily build them, building a PC is not a major goal of the CompTIA A+ certification. However, anyone with this credential is expected to have no difficulty in building one, especially from off-the-shelf parts.


How can you get the CompTIA A+ certification?

To obtain the A+ badge, you should visit the CompTIA website to register. You will have to take two exams to get this certificate. Each of them has 90 performance-based questions and gives you 90 minutes to answer all of them. You need to get 675 points for the one of them and 700 for the other to be eligible for the certification attainment. The tests cost $226 each and are available in German, Portuguese, English, Japanese, Spanish, and Thai. The students with CompTIA A+ can generally make between $45,000 and $55,000 per year. This should tell you if this badge certification is worth earning.

CompTIA offers lots of study materials for the candidates but it is also recommended that they poke online to find more resources. There are tons of practice tests and YouTube videos that discuss the A+ certification and its exams. There are also braindumps that can be used to learn the structure of the prerequisite tests and other details.


While you should be able to apply for an IT job even without a credential, especially if you know your stuff well, many companies list or require the badges when advertising vacancies. And with the CompTIA A+ certificate, it becomes much easier to get a decent job.