COyOrO: Smokin’ Cool Dragon’s Breath Candy & Icy Froyo in Singapore


Given the immense popularity of frozen yogurt in Singapore, there seems to be no shortage of frozen yogurt chains opening one after another. A healthier alternative to ice cream, it is quite common to see snaking long queues outside these froyo stalls.

What sets COyOrO (Cool. Yogurt. Roll) apart from similar brands is that their frozen yogurt comes in the form of the ever popular “fried” ice cream rolls instead of the basic swirls. Other than just serving them in regular cups, these icy treats are served in coconut husks as well.


In addition, COyOrO also sells what they call Dragon’s Breath Candy which is essentially cereal puff balls that emit smoke. As the trend took off on Instagram, many people have been flocking to their shop to try it out for themselves. 


The secret behind the smoky effect as you might have guessed is the liquid nitrogen that the shop generates to cover their cereal puffs. Added in adequate amounts, the nitrogen is just enough to chill the puffs without inducing a biting cold experience. 


As smoke spews out from the cup, it makes for a highly cinematic display that I’m sure will amaze you if this is your first time trying the Dragon’s Breath Candy.


Didi Ball ($6.50)

We decided to go for the Didi Ball, which are coloured cereal pops that come with a side of either a chocolate or strawberry sauce, your choice of course. 

Other options for the Dragon’s Breath Candy are the Original ($6) flavour which is a combination of grilled corn, milky cheese and chocolate cereal puffs, or the Sweet Kiss ($7) that comes with bite-sized meringue cookies.


Popularised in Thailand, “fried” ice cream rolls are a unique ice cream dessert that uses milk as its base ingredient. Handmade on the spot, milk (in this case, yogurt) is basically poured on an ice pan and left to cool before being chopped and mixed around repeatedly.

Depending on the flavour of the ice cream, various toppings such as chocolates and fruits are thrown in the mix during the preparation process. 


Once everything is evenly mixed, the ice cream is spread thinly before being scrapped off the cooling pan and rolled into a coiled-like shape.


Cocoyoro ($7.90)

Although “fried” ice cream rolls are nothing really special anymore, COyOrO’s rolls are made from a yogurt base which make it a lighter rendition in comparison. With just the right blend of sweet and sour, the rolls have a delightful creamy texture with a smooth consistency.

Served with a soft serve on top, the Cocoyoro comes with interesting topping choices including fresh coconuts and dried cranberries. While I enjoyed the yogurt rolls thoroughly, I felt that the soft serve ice cream paled in comparison and melted way too quickly.


Other options on their menu include various ice cream and frozen yogurt in different flavours with pre-selected ingredients. There is even a Design Your Own (DYO) cup for those who are interested in creating their very own dessert combination. 

If you are keen on trying the Dragon’s Breath Candy or their froyo selection, be sure to head on down to COyOrO and visit either of their two outlets operating at Bugis Street and East Village.

Expected Damage: $5 – $8

COyOrO: 430 Upper Changi Road, #01-13 East Village, Singapore 487048 | Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm daily | Facebook 

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