9 bombtastic cream puffs you must try in Singapore

Cream puffs are a simple yet classic pastry sold all over the world. Consisting of a choux pastry enveloping a generous dollop of smooth and luscious cream, what’s not to love about these morsels of goodness?

From simple vanilla cream puffs to more innovative flavours like earl grey, taro and tiramisu, here are 9 places to get bombtastic cream puffs in Singapore.

1. The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.

cream puffs listicle - the 1872 clipper tea co 4

While Singapore’s oldest tea producer, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., may be mainly known for its beverages and tea leaves, you may be surprised to learn that they also offer four tea-flavoured cream puffs to act as the perfect dessert to pair with your drinks.

cream puffs listicle - the 1872 clipper tea co 3

Priced at S$4.50 each, the cream puffs are made with The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.’s very own tea leaves, and are available in four flavours: Milk Tea, Lychee Fiesta, Earl Grey and Eternal Garden.

cream puffs listicle - the 1872 clipper tea co 2

The Earl Grey Puff had a strong and aromatic tea flavour with a hint of citrus, while the Milk Tea Puff was milder in flavour, luscious and creamy. I loved the strong floral notes from the Eternal Garden Puff, which contained black tea cream infused with rose, and the Lychee Fiesta Puff was a fruity delight that wasn’t too sweet either.

The next time you’re looking for a refreshing tea-flavoured dessert, why not pop by The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.?

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2. Boms & Buns

cream puffs listicle - boms and buns

Boms & Buns is a Muslim-owned bakery in East Village, specialising in cream puffs (affectionately known as “boms“) and sticky buns. Boms & Buns offers seven different bom flavours, priced between S$4.20 and S$5.60.

cream puffs listicle - boms and buns 2

Enjoy their simpler flavours like Vanilla (S$4.20), Nutella (S$4.20) and Salted Caramel (S$4.60), or opt for more local inspired ones like Kaya Butter (S$4.20) and Susu Keju (S$4.80). Their most extravagant bom is Tiramisu (S$5.60), containing espresso, hazelnut sponge, tiramisu cream and cocoa powder.

430 Upper Changi Road, East Village, #01-54, Singapore 487048
Tue to Fri: 12pm – 8pm
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3. Baristart Coffee

Baristart 1

No cream puffs listicle is complete without Baristart Coffee. Hailing from Hokkaido, Japan, Baristart Coffee is known for its range of beverages, but its other desserts, including their cream puffs, have shot to popularity among residents of Singapore.

Baristart 20

Priced at S$7 each or three for S$19.50, Baristart Coffee’s Cream Puff is tennis ball-sized with a crisp exterior and contains luscious Hokkaido milk cream that is filled to the brim.

Aside from their usual Hokkaido milk cream puffs, Baristart Coffee occasionally launches limited edition flavours, with past specials including Ondeh Ondeh, Matcha and Milo Godzilla.

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4. Matchaya

cream puffs listicle - matchaya storefront

Matchaya is a cafe specialising in tea products, namely the titular matcha. Their Japanese-flavoured Pate a Choux are not to be missed when you pop by their stores.

cream puffs listicle - matchaya

A box of six Pate a Choux comes in at S$34, and comes with two of each of the following flavours: Matcha, Houjicha and Kurogoma (black sesame).

Tea lovers will not be disappointed by the strength and gao-ness of the Matcha and Houjicha Pate a Choux. The Kurogoma Pate a Choux, on the other hand, offers a sweeter alternative, with a nutty sesame cream filling and a smooth chocolate crust.

Chope: Save 20% at Matchaya outlets: ParagonTakashimaya The Cathay

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5. Kazo

cream puffs listicle - kazo

Kazo is a Taiwanese bakery that opened its first outlet in Singapore in 2018. Today, they’ve expanded to having outlets islandwide, where you can find their famous cream puffs conveniently.

cream puffs listicle - kazo 1

Priced at S$2.20 each, Kazo’s Crispy Puffs are sized on the smaller end. However, they do not hold back in terms of quality. The Crispy Puffs are available in three flavours: Hokkaido, Chocolate and Matcha.

Each Crispy Puff had a light and airy exterior that produced a satisfying crackle when bitten into. The cream fillings were smooth and luscious, and my favourite was the Matcha flavour, which was floral and earthy.

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Chope: Save 20% at Kazo outlets: Bugis JunctionFunan Jcube JewelPlaza Singapura Suntec City Kazo Cafe Takashimaya

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6. Beard Papa’s

cream puffs listicle - beard papas

You’ve likely seen Beard Papa’s iconic yellow storefront in malls islandwide. This Japanese brand offers different varieties of choux puffs for you to choose from, such as a regular Cream Puff, Cookie Cream Puff, Eclair Cream Puff and Kaze Kaze.

Their Custard Cream Puffs are priced from S$2.80 to S$3.80, depending on the kind of choux puff chosen, while their Chocolate Cream Puffs cost S$3.30 to S$4, with Kaze Kaze being the most expensive option.

image of beard papa's matcha cookie crust cream puff

Most notably, Beard Papa’s introduces limited edition flavours every month, so that there is always something new to look forward to. Their past flavours have included Matcha, Sakura, White Peach, Thai Tea, Acai Berry, Mint Chocolate, Kyoho Grape and even Durian!

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7. Châteraisé

cream puffs listicle - chateraise storefront

Everyone’s favourite Japanese dessert shop, Châteraisé, is well-known by Singaporeans. One of their most popular creations is their Double Fantasy Cream Puffs, priced affordably at S$1.90 each.

cream puffs listicle - chateraise 2

The Double Fantasy Cream Puffs come in flavours like Original, Matcha Latte and Orange Chocolate. You’ll spot them in the refrigerated display cases, wrapped in a plastic packaging.

Though Châteraisé’s cream puffs aren’t as fancy or extravagant as other cream puffs in this listicle, they offer a delicious, accessible and wallet-friendly option when those creamy cravings hit.

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8. Chewy Junior 

cream puffs listicle - chewy junior 2

Chewy Junior is a brand that I’ve known since young. Unlike most other cream puffs, with come with airy, soft or crispy choux puffs, Chewy Junior’s cream puffs stand out because of their unique chewy and dense texture.

cream puffs listicle - chewy junior

Chewy Junior boasts a huge variety of flavours. The Chewy Original is priced at S$3, while its more exciting flavours are S$3.30 each, like Blueberry Cheese, Caramel Apple, Chocolate Cookie, Cookie Coffee Frosty, Devil Chocolate Berry, Frosty Coconut Crisp, Mango Frosty Maple and Pandan Kaya.

Alternatively, get a box of six cream puffs at S$15.50, or a box of nine at S$22.

230 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction, #B1-12, Singapore 188024
+65 6333 5002
Sun to Thu: 10am – 10.30pm
Fri & Sat: 10am – 11pm
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9. Dulcet & Studio

cream puffs listicle - dulcet and studio 3

Dulcet & Studio is a dessert shop with Japanese bakes like chiffon cakes, cookies, roll cakes and of course, cream puffs.

Their Signature Cream Puff may look simple, but this sweet treat offers a satisfying and delicious dessert for just S$2.80.

cream puffs listicle - dulcet and studio 2

The surface of the choux pastry was covered in a cookie crust, making the cream puff taste fragrant and extra aromatic. The cream filling was smooth with a strong whiff of vanilla permeating throughout the entire dessert.

You can even get four pieces of the Signature Cream Puff at just S$10.40.

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