10 bakeries to get the most beautiful tarts in Singapore

In my opinion, tarts are the best desserts in existence. Not only are they ridiculously delicious and versatile, they’re also literal works of art, deserving of being displayed in museums. 

If I were to liken pastries to famous artworks, tarts are like the Mona Lisas or Starry Nights of the patisserie scene. With an array of fruity, citrusy, chocolatey and tea-infused flavours, each tart acts as a canvas for bakers to project their creativity and skills on. 

Here are 10 places to get the best, most beautiful tarts in Singapore.

1. LE ’ TART

best tarts - le tart 03

LE ‘ TART was started by John, a Peranakan-born chef who studied in a Swiss culinary school. After working in high-end restaurants for 15 years, John founded LE ‘ TART, where he brought his passion for tarts to life.

LE ‘ TART offers a huge range of beautifully decorated tarts, both sweet and savoury. Their Vintage Secret Garden series features tarts made with fresh fruits and edible flowers, including flavours such as Lush Harvest (S$15), which comes with custard filling, berry compote and berries, and Soil & Roots (S$12), made with chocolate and salted caramel.

best tarts - le tart 05

The Magic Tea Room series comes with tea-infused fillings, with flavours like Tales of Earl Grey (S$15), Tales of Genmaicha (S$15) and Tales of Vanilla Bourbon (S$13). As a tea lover, I thoroughly enjoyed how each Magic Tea Room tart had a gorgeous tea aroma that balanced out the sweetness of the other elements.

Meanwhile, the Inns of Paradise series is summer-themed, with flavours like Malibu Monte (S$16.50), flavoured with elements of a Pina Colada, and Sandstone Bay (S$16.50), which is LE ‘ TART’s take on a classic apple tart.

best tarts - le tart 01 1

LE ‘ TART’s savoury tarts are just as incredible as their sweet ones, with five flavours to choose from. Bacon Obsession (S$12) is filled with smoked bacon, mushroom, red cheddar and mozzarella, while Chicken Obsession (S$11) has baked chicken cubes, onions, mixed vegetables, red cheddar and mozzarella.

Do take note that LE ‘ TART does not accept walk-in orders at its physical outlet, and all orders have to be made online before delivery or self-collection.

401 Macpherson Road, Macpherson Mall, #03-15, Singapore 368125
Wed to Sun: 1pm – 5pm
Closed on Mon & Tue
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2. Whiskit Bakery & Cafe

best tarts - whiskit bakery cafe 7

Whiskit Bakery & Cafe, located within Biopolis in Buona Vista, is helmed by a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo’s Pastry course. Many of their tarts are inspired by Asian flavours, with interesting elements infused into each pastry.

best tarts - whiskit bakery cafe 4

Their Orh Nee Ondeh Tart (S$5) is a bestseller, as it comes with smooth orh nee filling within a buttery shell, topped with chewy yam and pumpkin ondeh ondeh balls filled with gula melaka. Orh nee lovers won’t be disappointed by this treat.

I also tried their Matcha Raspberry Tart (S$8), filled with raspberry compote, matcha ganache, and topped with matcha chantilly and fresh raspberries. The matcha had a floral profile that complemented the berry elements of the tart. Finally, the Valrhona Chocolate Tart (S$8.50) was incredibly rich with a strong cocoa taste. 

best tarts - whiskit bakery cafe 1

Whiskit Bakery & Cafe’s other tart flavours include Salted Caramel (S$7), Cherries (S$8.50), Earl Grey Blueberry (S$8) and Hazelnut Speculoos (S$7). You can also order tarts with local flavours like Milo, Bandung Raspberry and Durian via their website.

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11 Biopolis Way, Helios, #01-08, Singapore 138667
+65 9366 6136
Mon to Sat: 11am – 5pm
Sun: 11am – 3pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website 

3. Patisserie CLÉ

best tarts - patisserie cle 5

Patisserie CLÉ was founded in 2018 by local pastry chefs Germaine Li and Joy Chiam, who met while doing their diploma in French pastry arts at the renowned culinary institute, Ferrandi Paris, in 2016. 

After working at high-end restaurants in France and Singapore, Germaine and Joy started Patisserie CLÉ as a home-based business before eventually opening physical outlets in Paya Lebar and Lucky Court.

best tarts - patisserie cle 1

Patisserie CLÉ offers nine tart flavours, each around 7cm in diameter and priced at S$9 each: Coffee Chocolate, Cognac Caramel Chocolate, Lemon Meringue, Bourdaloue (spiced pear), Strawberry, Passion Sesame, Orh Blanc, Blueberry Rose and Chocolate Banana

The Orh Blanc Tart, which features a crisp tart crust baked with coconut cream and filled with yam orh nee, vanilla chantilly and candied ginkgo nuts, is one of Patisserie CLÉ’s most popular flavours, as it combines Asian and French elements.

My personal favourite was the Passion Sesame Tart, which expertly combined the tangy flavours of passionfruit with the earthy, nutty aroma of black sesame.

best tarts - patisserie cle 4

If you’re feeling indecisive on which flavour to choose, the Tart Gift Box (S$70) allows you to mix and match eight tarts of your choice. It’s also a fantastic gifting option for your fellow pastry loving friends and family.

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For a list of locations and opening hours, click here.
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4. LUNA 

best tarts - luna 1

Established in 2019, LUNA Patisserie specialises in creating pastries inspired by natural flavours, and prides itself on using fresh natural ingredients. 

LUNA Patisserie offers four tarts: Citrus Earl Grey (S$9), Pistachio Hazelnut (S$9), Yuzu Meringue Cheese (S$8) and Sea Salt Noir Dark Chocolate (70%) (S$8).

best tarts - luna 2

The Pistachio Hazelnut Tart was incredibly nutty and aromatic from both the pistachio and hazelnuts, while the Citrus Earl Grey Tart was fruity with a fragrant earl grey aroma.

The Yuzu Meringue Cheese Tart was the most intriguing to me, with a rich texture and a slightly salty profile, balancing out the tanginess of the yuzu. Finally, the Sea Salt Noir Dark Chocolate (70%) Tart was a classic chocolate tart with a rich and deep cocoa taste.

53 Amoy Street, Singapore 069879
Sun to Thu: 12pm – 6.30pm
Fri & Sat: 12pm – 9pm
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5. Nuage Patisserie & Boulangerie

best tarts - nuage 3

Nuage Patisserie & Boulangerie is a cosy cafe situated along Kampong Bahru Road. Nuage means “cloud” in French, and the bakery aspires to be versatile and free in its creations.

best tarts - nuage 2

Nuage Patisserie & Boulangerie’s tarts taste as incredible as they look. Their Yuzu Matcha Tart (S$10.80) is filled with yuzu cremeux, almond cream, matcha ganache and matcha mascarpone cream, and marries the bitter, earthy flavours of matcha with the light and tangy profile of the yuzu

Pommes (S$9.80), on the other hand, combines apple almond cream, caramel cremeux, apple compote and vanilla whipped ganache into a tasty and refreshing treat.

best tarts - nuage 1

You definitely can’t miss Nuage’s signature Pistachio Strawberry Tart (S$9.80), filled with pistachio almond cream, raspberry confit, pistachio whipped ganache and topped with fresh chopped strawberries. Finally, the Citrus Meringue Tart (S$9.80) is the perfect gift for a citrus lover, as it combines almond cream, pineapple compote, citrus cremeux and torched meringue to create a citrusy explosion of flavours.

47 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169361
+65 8772 7730
Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri: 11am – 6pm
Sat & Sun: 8.30am – 5pm
Public Holidays: 10am – 6pm
Closed on Wed
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6. Dolç Patisserie 

best tarts - dolc patisserie 6

Located along Kampong Bahru Road in Outram Park, Dolç Patisserie combines French techniques with modern flavours and influences from Spain. 

best tarts - dolc patisserie 3

Dolç Patisserie offers three beautiful tart flavours: Passionfruit Meringue (S$8.50), Calamansi (S$8.50) and Fruit (S$8.80). My personal favourite was the Passionfruit Meringue Tart (S$8.50), which came with an almond tart base, passionfruit curd and meringue.

The Calamansi Tart was another tangy and zesty flavour, made with a charcoal base, calamansi curd, Italian meringue and fresh mango cubes. I’ve never tried a calamansi dessert before, but I was impressed with how well-balanced the acidity and tanginess was. 

best tarts - dolc patisserie 1

The base of each tart was crunchy and sturdy, which I really liked as they held the fillings securely. Dolç Patisserie’s tarts definitely make for the perfect gift.

67 Kampong Bahru Road, #01-00, Singapore 169371
+65 9678 4686
Mon & Wed to Sat: 9am – 6pm
Sun & Public Holidays: 10.30am – 5pm
Closed on Tue
Facebook | Instagram | Website

7. FLOR Patisserie

best tarts - flor patisserie 4

FLOR Patisserie is a Japanese-styled bakery that combines Japanese elements with French pastries. Helmed by Heidi, a chef who studied at the prestigious culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu in France, FLOR Patisserie offers two permanent tarts on their menu.

best tarts - flor patisserie

FLOR Patisserie’s tarts stand out because of their crunchy, buttery tart bases. Their Citron Tart (S$10.50) consists of an almond sucre base filled with lemon curd and topped with grapefruits, oranges and pomelo. This pastry certainly satisfied the citrus-loving side of me with its bright and refreshing flavours.

best tarts - flor patisserie 1 2

The Yuzu Strawberry Tart (S$13.50), on the other hand, consists of a thin layer of raspberry jam within an almond sucre shell, topped with yuzu custard cream and Chitose Japanese strawberries. Despite its simple elements, it was brimming with flavour, and was a joy to consume.

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For a list of locations and opening hours, click here.
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8. Tigerlily Patisserie 

best tarts - tigerlily patisserie 1 1

Tigerlily Patisserie, located in the bustling Joo Chiat, is helmed by executive pastry chef Maxine Ngooi, who worked in the two MICHELIN-starred Les Amis restaurant and the three MICHELIN-starred Joël Robuchon Restaurant, before she fulfilled her dream of opening her very own bakery.

best tarts - tigerlily patisserie 6

At the Instagram-worthy cafe, unwind and enjoy tarts like the Lemon Thai Basil Tart (S$8), containing lemon curd infused with Thai basil and topped with lemon confit. Its piquant citrusy taste and delightfully soft and smooth texture made this a refreshing treat.

Meanwhile, the Cha Cha Tart (S$9) is created with honey orchid dan cong tea infused whipped cream, tea-infused caramelised Valrhona Dulcey 35% chocolate ganache, and topped with tea dust. Though on the sweeter side, the milky flavours of the tea were aromatic and delicious.

best tarts - tigerlily patisserie 2

The stand-out tart was the Chocolate Hazelnut Tart (S$15), Tigerlily’s signature tart layered with Nocciola del Piemonte Hazelnut praline, rich Valrhona dark chocolate ganache, milk chocolate cream and a cacao nib tuille finishing. The Chocolate Hazelnut Tart was rich and nutty, and despite the cocoa elements, it was not cloying and reminded me of an upscale version of Ferrero Rocher.

350 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427598
+65 8887 0988
Tue to Sun: 9am – 5pm
Closed on Mon
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9. Wunderfolks

best tarts - wunderfolks storefront

Wunderfolks started out as a home-based business in 2020 and in January 2021, they opened their first physical store in Queenstown. Their flagship store has since shifted to Joo Chiat, and they’ve even opened a second outlet in the bustling Wisma Atria.

best tarts - wunderfolks 5 1

Wunderfolks offers the following nine tart flavours, each 8cm in diameter: Mixed Fruit, Dark Chocolate, Lemony Meringue, Matcha Azuki, Lychee, Coffee Hazelnut, Mango Passionfruit, Maple Pecan and Hey Sesame

A single tart is priced at S$8, but you can opt to purchase a Four Tart Gift Box at S$32 or a Six Tart Gift Box at S$42.

best tarts - wunderfolks 1 1

Each tart has a buttery, fragile crust and deliciously rich fillings. My personal favourites were the Lemony Meringue and Mango Passionfruit, as they managed to balance strong sweet and sour flavours perfectly.

Wunderfolks even offers whole tarts with a 20cm diameter, priced at S$45 each, perfect for sharing.

For a list of locations, contact numbers and opening hours, click here.
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10. Delicatesse 巧彰

delicatesse 1

Delicatesse is a quaint cafe in Tanjong Pagar specialising in desserts and teas. It offers three tarts, with three variations: Strawberry St Honore (S$9.50), Matcha Mont Blanc (S$9.50) and Banana Chocolate (S$8.50).

best tarts - delicatesse

Strawberry St Honore (S$9.50) comes with an almond shell filled with a baked pistachio frangipane, strawberry macarons and strawberry chantilly cream. 

Meanwhile, Matcha Mont Blanc (S$9.50) contains green tea cream and chestnut mousse, with a gorgeous swirly top. My favourite was Banana Chocolate (S$8.50), layered with banana sponge, chocolate mousse, banana jelly and a layer of smooth caramel glaze. 

best tarts - delicatesse 2 1

The tarts at Delicatesse are on the thicker side with a sturdy crunch. Their voluminous, dome-shaped fillings also make them filling and satisfying.

102 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088523
+65 8721 6834
Daily: 12.30pm – 10.30pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

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