Lao Ye Teochew Porridge: Traditional porridge stall with wide assortment of affordable dishes at Bukit Merah

On days when I have absolutely no clue what to eat, Teochew porridge is definitely at the top of my list. It was hence an exciting day as I visited Lao Ye Teochew Porridge, a new stall that swung its doors open for business at Happy Hawkers kopitiam along 201 Kim Tian Road on 11 Nov 2022. I now have another spot to visit for a cravings fix!

lao ye teochew porridge - stall front

Open daily from 10am to 9pm, this porridge stall serves over 40 different kinds of dishes for pairing with your bowl of porridge.

They include braised meats, steamed fish, seafood, curries, stir-fried vegetables and so much more— guaranteed to leave you spoiled for choice.

lao ye teochew porridge - dishes

Dining out doesn’t always have to be a costly affair. The dishes at Lao Ye Teochew Porridge range from S$0.80 to S$4 for a single portion. With such wallet-friendly prices, you can enjoy a sumptuous porridge feast without worrying that you’ll burn a hole in your pocket.

What I tried at Lao Ye Teochew Porridge

lao ye teochew porridge - whole table

Together with my colleagues, Ansel and Geoff, the 3 of us took forever to make our decision amidst the sea of dishes. We ended up ordering one bowl of porridge each, accompanied by a table full of dishes (11 of them to be exact).

lao ye teochew porridge - closeup of rice

The bowl of Porridge (S$0.70) was well-executed. The individual grains of rice were cooked to perfection and were slightly starchy (my favourite kind). I especially appreciated the ratio of porridge water to rice as this can be tricky to get done right.

lao ye teochew porridge - closeup of braised sauce

Remember to ask the friendly staff for some lu zhi (braising sauce) to slather all over your bowl of porridge if you want  it extra savoury.

lao ye teochew porridge - braised duck

We tried the Braised Duck (S$6 for 2 pax) and were served the drumstick which was chopped nicely into pieces and decorated with sprigs of coriander on top.

lao ye teochew porridge - braised duck upclose

The skin melted instantly in my mouth without it being too fatty. The braised liquid resting below the duck was viscous and managed to cling on very well to the pieces of meat, enhancing every bite with savoury notes of the herbs and spices which went into the braise.

lao ye teochew porridge - steamed fish upclose

We moved on to the Steamed Fish (Seasonal Price), which was the tail part of the fish that was served with tomatoes, black mushroom, salted vegetables, ginger shreds, and some spring onions and chilli for garnish.

lao ye teochew porridge - steamed fish pouring of stock

lao ye teochew porridge - steamed fish closeup

The clear stock below possessed a slight acidic tang coming from the salted vegetables. The flesh was soft and fell apart easily with a slight tug of my chopsticks. Although the fish was fresh and clean-tasting, we felt that the overall flavours of this dish lacked some oomph.

lao ye teochew porridge - cockles

The next dish was the Ah Mah’s Cockles (S$6 for 2 pax). Speaking of cockles, I have a love-hate relationship with them. Perhaps the only time I enjoyed eating them was in Melaka, Malaysia, where they served them with a tangy and shiok citrus dip mixed with chopped peanuts.

lao ye teochew porridge - cockles closeup

Lao Ye Teochew Porridge’s rendition stir-fries them in loads of chopped garlic, chillies, chopped coriander and soya sauce. This method of preparation was not only a breath of fresh air, but it also blew my socks off.

One by one, I was enjoying the cockles which had an aromatic infusion of all the spices I had just mentioned. Before I knew it, I had already eaten half of the plate— oops, sorry Ansel and Geoff.

lao ye teochew porridge - otah steamed egg

We also tried the Steamed Egg with Otah (S$4 for 2 pax). The spiced otah reminded me of the delicious Muar otah that I’m so in love with, combined with a velvety smooth steamed egg that glides down your throat with ease.

lao ye teochew porridge - prawns

The Stir Fried Prawns (S$6 for 2 pax) were sautéed in a sweet and slightly spiced sauce. Upon deshelling them, I found that the meat inside was firm (an indication of its freshness) and was decent-sized.

lao ye teochew porridge - chilli fish

For those who love spice, the Chilli Steamed Fish with Lime (Seasonal Price) is one dish you must try. After a spritz of citrus essence from the calamansi, my taste buds were treated to a sensorial experience.

The spicy notes of the chilli hits you with a bang first, followed by the fresh sourness of the calamansi— it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted (and I loved it).

Final Thoughts

lao ye teochew porridge - kopitiam

What a wonderful day for me, discovering yet another Teochew porridge place— it’s getting harder to find them these days.

I love it when eateries have a colossal amount of dishes proudly displayed for all to see (and taste). It forces your eyes to look in every single direction, questioning your mind in the process of your food choices.

With rising food prices these days, I’m glad that Lao Ye Teochew Porridge offers affordable dishes. Head on down to Happy Hawkers kopitiam to savour their Teochew Porridge for yourself— I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Expected damage: S$2.50 – $9 per pax

* This post was brought to you in partnership with Lao Ye Teochew Porridge.

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Lao Ye Teochew Porridge

201 Kim Tian Road, Happy Hawkers Kim Tian, Singapore 160201

Our Rating 4/5

Lao Ye Teochew Porridge

201 Kim Tian Road, Happy Hawkers Kim Tian, Singapore 160201

Operating Hours: 10am - 9pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 10am - 9pm (Daily)