12 places to get orh nee desserts S$5 and under in Singapore

While orh nee used to be seen as an old-school, traditional dessert, in recent years, this sweet yam product has become all the rage among dessert-makers and bakers in Singapore. This surprisingly trendy treat has been incorporated into cakes, tarts and even donuts. 

Here are 10 places in Singapore where you can get orh nee desserts priced S$5 and under.

1. Garden Pastry & Cake

image of garden pastry and cake's yam roll

Garden Pastry & Cake is an old-school bakery in Aljunied most famous for its Yam Roll (S$4.20), featuring a layer of cake rolled around a thick block of yam and coated in yam-flavoured cream. 

image of garden pastry and cake's yam roll

Trust me when I say that this cake is worth all the hype. The yam filling is thick and generous with a natural yam taste, while the cake is soft and fluffy, complementing the gao fillings nicely.

Even if you live in the West, this Yam Roll is most certainly worth travelling down to the East for.

Blk 95 Aljunied Crescent, #01-505/507, Singapore 380095
+65 6745 5706
Daily: 7.30am – 9pm
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2. C’rius Bake

image of c'rius bake's taro tart

C’rius Bake doesn’t just sell bread and cakes, it also serves up some c’rius-ly good Taro Tarts (S$5 for two) too. 

Instead of serving their Taro Tarts with gingko nuts like most other bakeries, C’rius Bake, located in Beauty World, adds walnuts to their tarts for a more modern, crunchy experience. 

With luscious, creamy yam filling being contained within a buttery cookie crust, it’s no wonder that these tarts went viral on Instagram in 2021.

1 Jalan Anak Bukit, Bukit Timah Plaza, #B1-27, Singapore 588996
+65 6467 3156
Daily: 6am – 9pm
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3. Syiok 

image of syiok's yam puff

The Beauty World vicinity makes yet another appearance on its listicle with Syiok, a hawker centre bakery located within Beauty World Food Centre

Syiok is famous for its incredibly creative bakes, like their Yam Pie (S$1.50) and their Taro Egg Tart (S$1.80)

The Yam Pie comes with thick, sweet yam filling within a crispy puff pastry. I found the yam filling to be a little more sticky and chewy compared to other yam fillings that are smoother in texture. 

image of syiok's taro egg tart

You could also opt to try the Taro Egg Tart, a cookie-crusted egg tart with a smooth yam centre. Syiok’s yam desserts are on the sweeter side, so they’re more suitable for those with a sweet tooth.

144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Beauty World Shopping Centre, #04-59, Singapore 588177
Tue to Sun: 9am – 3pm
Closed on Mon

4. Kazo

image of kazo's orh nee tart

Kazo is a Taiwanese bakery that opened its first outlet in Singapore in 2018, and in 2021, it introduced its Taro Orh Nee Tart (S$3.60). Kazo’s version is different from other bakeries, as it mixes fresh yam paste with coconut cream, giving the taro filling a much lighter and airier texture. 

Topped with a candied ginkgo nut and contained within a buttery cookie crust, Kazo’s Taro Orh Nee Tart is perfect for those who love tradition, but also like to embrace change. 

For a list of locations, contact numbers and opening hours, refer here.
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5. Nam Dae Mun

image of nestcha's taro mochi

Located in the basement of 313@somerset, Nam Dae Mun’s assortment of mochi, glutinous rice cakes and tea are not to be missed.

 Their Fresh Taro Mochi (S$4.90) features soft, stretchy and chewy mochi wrapped around a generous block of yam filling and dusted with shredded coconut.

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313 Orchard Rd, #B3-54, Singapore 238895
+65 6509 4658
Daily: 11am – 10pm
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6. The Hainan Story Bakery

image of the hainan story bakery's orh nee roll

While The Hainan Story is primarily a restaurant serving Hainanese cuisine, their swiss rolls were what launched them to massive popularity in Singapore. The launch of The Hainan Story Bakery makes their selection of cakes and bakes more accessible and convenient.

The Orh Nee Mini Swiss Roll (S$2.50) is a must try, with smooth, silky orh nee being rolled into a soft and fluffy cake. With a diameter of 4cm, this swiss roll is certainly on the pricier end for its small size, but the quality certainly speaks for itself. 

17 Petir Rd, Hillion Mall, #01-43, Singapore 678278
Daily: 8.30am – 9pm
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7. 1A Crispy Puffs 

image of 1A crispy puff's yam puffs

Established in 1991, 1A Crispy Puffs is probably no stranger to many Singaporeans. Aside from selling puffs in classic flavours like Curry Chicken and Sardine, their Yam Puff (S$1.50) is a stand-out flavour, with generous yam fillings encased within a buttery, crispy pastry.

With its cheap price and hefty amount of fillings, these Yam Puffs are sure a bang for your buck.

For a list of locations, contact numbers and opening hours, refer here.
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8. June Bakery

image of June Bakery's orh nee tart

No orh nee listicle is complete without possibly one of the most famous orh nee bakeries in Singapore, June Bakery. This old-school bakery operated by an elderly couple is notoriously known for having their bakes sell out extremely quickly everyday, sometimes even before noon.

The early bird catches the worm, and in this case, waking up extra early and making a trip down to Beach Road could score you June Bakery’s iconic Orh Nee Tart (S$1.30), a buttery pastry filled with smooth orh nee and topped with gingko nuts. 

image of June Bakery's orh nee croissant

Their other orh nee delights include their Orh Nee Muah Chee (S$1.30) and Orh Nee Croissant (S$1.40). However, because June Bakery doesn’t have a fixed menu, certain items may only be available on random days.

 Rest assured though, as their Orh Nee Tart remains as a permanent item in stores.

7500A Beach Rd, The Plaza, #B1-321, Singapore 199591
+65 9731 3002
Mon to Fri: 7am – 2.30pm

9. 146 Famous Bukit Merah Ang Ku Kueh 

image of 146 famous bukit merah ang ku kueh's yam ang ku kueh

When it comes to yam ang ku kueh, I find that it tends to be a little hit-or-miss. Some yam ang ku kuehs are filled with overly sweet, strangely translucent artificial fillings, but 146 Famous Bukit Merah Ang Ku Kueh’s Yam Ang Ku Kueh (S$1.20) thoroughly impressed me with its creamy natural yam fillings.

The smooth, slightly milky texture of the yam paired perfectly with the chewy, stretchy ang ku kueh skin, and as a whole, the Yam Ang Ku Kueh wasn’t too sweet and was an absolute delight.

146 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-1086, Singapore 160146
+65 6273 5159
Daily: 7.30am – 7.30pm
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10. NestCha 

image of nestcha's yam floss lava cake

NestCha may be known for its birds nest drinks, but this versatile company also sells an array of interesting taro cakes and bakes. 

If you love the combination of chicken floss and taro, get ready to be wow-ed by NestCha’s Chicken Floss Taro Lava Cake (S$3.90), with smooth taro filling contained within two fluffy pieces of cake, coated in mayonnaise and chicken floss. 

image of nestcha's taro mochi

The Yam Chicken Floss Mochi (S$4.20), on the other hand, consists of yam filling within a chewy piece of mochi, finished with a coating of chicken floss.

For a list of locations, contact numbers and opening hours, refer here.
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11. City Donut

image of city donut's orh nee donut

City Donut stands out from the local donut crowd because of its range of unique donut flavours inspired by local flavours, such as Pulut Hitam, Nanyang Kopi and Milo Dinosaur. One of the flavours that you cannot miss is their Orh Nee Donut (S$2.70).

image of city donut's orh nee donut

I was surprised at the heftiness of the donut despite its relatively small size, and the orh nee filling was smooth, creamy and natural-tasting, much to my delight. The donut itself was fluffy and not greasy at all, being quite light on the palate. 

City Donut’s Orh Nee Donut is easily one of the best donuts I’ve had in Singapore, and if you love anything taro-related, be sure to pop by a City Donut outlet near you for a taste.

For a list of locations, contact numbers and opening hours, refer here.
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12. iBread

image of iBread's yam tart

You may be familiar with iBread because of its massively popular egg tarts, which used to attract snaking queues during lunch hours. iBread has since expanded its range of bakes, with the Yam Gingko Nut Tarts ($3.60 for two) being one of them.

image of iBread's yam tart

The yam filling was smooth and luscious, though it was definitely on the sweeter side. The buttery cookie crust was crunchy and on the firmer side with a texture similar to that of shortbread. The gingko nuts were also really pleasant and soft with a mild flavour and were speckled generously within the yam. 

These Yam Gingko Nut Tarts are more suited for those with a sweet tooth, but at their price point and amount of fillings, I would get these again.

For a list of locations, contact numbers and opening hours, refer here.
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