Redeem these Special Edition Pokémon Cushion and Lunchbox with a purchase of S$25 worth of Darlie products

Just when we thought we’ve seen enough character-themed collaborations of kitchen appliances, dental care brand, Darlie is partnering with Pokémon for an irresistibly cute collection that’ll make you look forward to brushing your teeth. Brushing our teeth is something we have to do daily, so why not go all out and make it an extra kawaii affair?

Darlie X Pokemon

A familiar brand to every one of us, Darlie has released a limited edition Darlie set that includes Pikachu-themed toothpaste designs, cosy Pikachu and Snorlax cushions and the cutest collectable Pokémon lunch boxes. 

Unlike your usual green and yellow packaging design, Darlie’s best-selling toothpaste has been revamped with a Pokémon design, a Darlie Double Action Fresh + Clean and MultiCare toothpaste packaging featuring various Pokémon characters such as Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Bulbasaur. Originally priced at S$3.95, the Darlie Double Action Fresh + Clean and MultiCare toothpaste is going at 9% off (S$3.60) with free shipping and you can make your purchase here

Pikachu And Bulbasaur

With 8 benefits in 1, the toothpaste will freshen your breath with natural spearmint and peppermint essences and reduce oral bacteria by 99%.

For those who are fond of the classic minty toothpaste taste, Darlie’s Double Action Fresh + Clean Toothpaste will be the one to brighten and freshen your breath in the morning. 

Pokemon Cushions

If that isn’t a cute enough reason to make a purchase, brighten up your living space with these summer-inspired special-edition Pokémon cushions that come in two designs, featuring Snorlax and Pikachu. The cushions measure 35cm x 35cm—large enough to embrace while you’re in couch-potato mode.

Easily redeem these cushions with a minimum spend of S$25 on Darlie’s product. Remember to add the cushions to your cart when you checkout for redemption, while stocks last. 

Pokemon Lunch Box

Besides the special edition Pokémon cushions, this limited edition lunch box also comes free featuring four different Pokémon characters with every purchase of Darlie Double Action triple pack toothpaste. Originally priced at S$13.20, the Darlie Double Action triple pack toothpaste is going at 10% off (S$11.90) with free shipping. You may make your purchase here

Now is your chance to catch ‘em all with these Special Edition Pokémon merchandise before they are all wiped out!

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