You can now work from home on your iPhone (table), literally

The work from home situation has led to burgeoning lifestyle items you never know you needed, like a wearable air-conditioner so you can work in comfort and a microwaveable s’mores maker for your quick midday snack. Online shopping surely gives us some illusion of control in this new normal of pandemic uncertainty. Adding a new gadget into our daily routines that we’re convinced would improve our lives.

But what you added to cart may not be what arrives in the mail. Case in point: this giant iPhone table that you may or may not have mistaken for your new iPhone 6.

iPhone table

Yes, it looks impeccably similar to the iPhone in your hand, even featuring the iconic black screen and home button, the face of the OG earlier iPhone models. And no, there’s no touch ID, but it could be a holder for your drink. Also, it’s not all gimmick and no function since it comes with a drawer apparently wide enough to store a laptop and more items. Technology is truly taking over the world. We now have a smartphone desk, literally.

iPhone table

This table can be found on 10×10, a Korean e-commerce site for Apple fanatics, for 310,000 South Korean won (approx. S$273), and about S$500 on Shopee. If you’re looking for an actual phone and not a study table, watch out for an astounding delivery cost.

Collage Of Iphone Table

As hilarious an episode this could be for the mistaken ones, it’s another reminder to pause through the fervent of online shopping. But oh well, at least you can say that you’re working on your iPhone.

The iPhone 6 study table is available on Shopee and 10×10

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