Deliveroo and Impossible Foods’ collab saves the Amazon rainforest through each Impossible™ meal order

The conversion to a more eco-friendly lifestyle started early for Singaporeans—incentivising consumers when they bring reusable shopping bags for grocery shopping, opting for delivery orders to come without single-use cutlery, and incorporating more plant-based food in daily meals. If you’ve been staying true to your BYO commitment, here’s an extra way you can stick to Meatless Mondays and help save the Amazon Rainforest. Deliveroo and Impossible Foods have partnered up to plant one tree in the Amazon rainforest for every Impossible™ meal ordered on the platform.

Meals made with Impossible™ Beef is itself a contributing factor to your sustainable lifestyle, because every 113g serving uses 87% less water, 96% less land, and emits 89% less greenhouse gases as compared to ground beef from cows. This initiative by Deliveroo and Impossible Foods not only helps you reduce your meat consumption, but also enables you to contribute to reforesting the Amazon rainforest, one simple meal at a time.

Impossible x Deliveroo infographic
Credit – Deliveroo

Starting on 15 September till 15 October 2021, Deliveroo and Impossible Foods have collaborated with over 200 participating restaurants, including well-known favourites such as Da Paolo, P.S. Cafe, and Three Buns to plant up to 2000 trees.

a tree planted by one tree planted

The tree-planting initiative is led by One Tree Planted, which aims to restore the 10,000,000 year old network of dense forests that make up the Amazon rainforest, which comprises half of our planet’s remaining tropical forests. A significant portion of this green landscape has been converted for food production, 80% of which is used to raise cows. Last year, One Tree Planted planted more than 10 million trees through 113 projects. Deliveroo and Impossible Foods are joining their slew of initiatives this year, and you’ll be able to contribute personally to the number of trees restored simply by ordering an Impossible™ meal.

The collaboration between Impossible Foods, Deliveroo and One Tree Planted was first launched in Hong Kong earlier this year with over 50 participating restaurants. Nearly 700 trees were pledged to be planted in a short span of just 10 days. If you’ve been searching for a sign to integrate more plant-based food in your meal, this is a perfect opportunity to witness the fruits of your labour.

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