Local Artist Designs Posters to Show Appreciation For Delivery Heroes

To show our appreciation and to encourage delivery heroes who brave the virus every day just so we can enjoy our food in the safety of our homes, Kinetic Singapore has designed posters in the theme of #ThankYouDeliveryHeroes for citizens to display them on their doors.

Delivery Heroes Poster Online 2 Page 001 (1)

Even before the COVID-19 situation hit, we would often take our delivery heroes for granted—we simply press some buttons on our phones while they drive all over Singapore to retrieve our meals for us. Thanks to all our delivery heroes, we can enjoy countless meals and receive essentials without ever leaving the comfort of our homes.

In this dangerous and uncertain climate, all the more we should support our delivery riders who constantly expose themselves to the risk of catching the virus, by showing our appreciation and helping them to feed their families. Print these aesthetic posters and paste them on your door, so that our delivery heroes can see how grateful we are for their service!

Delivery Heroes Poster Online 4 Page 001 (1)
Delivery Heroes Poster Online 3 Page 001 (1)

These posters can be found on thankyoudeliveryheroes.com, a community project brought to us by Kinetic Singapore, which is a local creative agency. The posters are available in PDF format for you to print with ease, or you can save them on your phone and share them on all your social media platforms! Stay safe, everyone, and #stayhome.

Dates & Times: N.A. 

Price: Free