Dertien SG: No GST all-in-one supper spot with hotpot, mookata, bak kut teh & lok lok

Late-night cravings often leave us searching for places that offer variety, quality, and a unique experience. Recently, I discovered Dertien SG in Sembawang, and it ticks all these boxes and more.

Dertien - store front

Dertien SG isn’t just another supper spot. It offers a ridiculous variety of dishes that cater to diverse palates. One can expect Lok Lok, Mookata, Hotpot and even Bak Kut Teh. A true one-stop shop for all your dinner and late-night cravings.

Dertien - interior

Did I also mention that there is no GST and only service charge? Where else can you find such variety at such a great price point? 

What I tried at Dertien

Lok Lok

Dertien - lok lok

Lok Lok is a popular street food in Southeast Asia, and Dertien SG brings this beloved snack to life. With skewers starting at just S$1, you can enjoy a range of ingredients, from succulent meats to fresh vegetables.

Dertien - lok lok

If you are overwhelmed with choices, I recommend going for the Broccoli (S$2) and the Beancurd King With Fish Paste (S$2).

The skewers are deep-fried to perfection. From the taste, I guessed that the oil they used was clean and not used to repeatedly fry numerous batches. Unlike other Lok Lok places, each skewer did not have that greasy and unpleasant taste.

Dertien - lok lok

Not just that but, the seasoning on Dertien’s Lok Lok consists of both a tangy drizzle and a secret powdered seasoning. The end product is not just an explosively crispy outer crust, but also a tangy and mildly spicy flavour which cuts through any oiliness.

Dertien - moo pinig

Special mention to the Moo Ping (S$2.50) that we were also offered. These brown nuggets of the most succulent meat made us both surprised.

Dertien - moo ping

It was charred on the outside and just so moist and juicy on the inside. Given its affordable price point, I think this holds up when compared to the ones in Thailand, and are definitely worth a try.

Thai Mookata

Dertien - pouring soup

If you love the idea of grilling and boiling your food at the same time, Thai Mookata is a must-try.

What sets Dertien apart from the rest is that they have 7 different soup bases to choose from for your mookata and hotpot. Pick from their signature Pork Bone Broth to Tomato, Mala and even Pepper Pork Stomach Soup.

Dertien -pork bone

My recommendation without a doubt is the Pork Bone Broth. Be it for hotpot or for mookata, this rich and creamy broth will not disappoint. The broth, according to the owner, is boiled with the portion of the pork leg as well as soya milk which gives it that milky colour. 

Dertien - starter set

We began with the Starter Pack (S$28) which came with several frozen ingredients, a couple of slices of pork, and a bunch of noodles. This starter pack was designed to go with either the Mookata or the Hotpot.

Dertien -mookata

Surprisingly, the best part of this starter pack was the noodles. Cooked in just a couple of minutes, these thick noodles had a chewy bite to them. I also really enjoyed how it soaked up the broth.

Dertien - bbq meat

For the grills, we ordered the Marinated Pork Belly (S$4). These were the standard pork bellies with generous servings of garlic that could be found elsewhere too. Similar to the Mookata in other places, the oil that has been rendered down seeps into our Tomato soup. This made the Tomato soup broth very rich with layers of smokiness.

Dertien - cheese dip

To all the cheese lovers out there, you can also get your own stringy Cheese Dip (S$3) this gives the tender pieces of meat an umami flavour.


Dertien - hotpot soup

For the hotpot, I recommend getting the Meltique Beef Striplon (S$10) and while it does seem quite expensive for a plate of beef, I need to remind you that this plate of beef is very premium.

Dertien - slab of beef

Although you only get about 4-5 slices, the marbling on this beef resembles that of Wagyu. Soaking it in the pork bone broth intensifies the meaty flavours and upon touching your mouth, just disintegrates effortlessly.

Dertien - pork collar

The Iberico Pork Collar (S$10) is another worth mentioning. Thinly-cut premium meat that is, in their words, “sibei good” (very good). Similar to the striploin, these cuts of meats had no fibrous texture and went down very smoothly. Chewing them also takes little to no effort as they just fall apart in the mouth.

Dertien -sauces

I should also mention that they have a free unlimited sauce station which is made up of several interesting sauces like this Grandparent recipe.

Dertien - spicy sauce

As a Zhong la eat myself, this was way too spicy for me, but I could taste the nuanced sweetness and the underlying herbaceousness.

Dertien SG offers a selection of fresh seafood, meats, and vegetables that you can cook at your table. For those who prefer a more traditional hotpot experience, the eatery also provides rich broths and a plethora of ingredients to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for something light or a hearty meal, the hotpot options won’t disappoint.

Herbal Bak Kut Teh

Dertien - bak kut teh

For a comforting and aromatic dish, the Herbal Bak Kut Teh (S$8) at Dertien SG is a standout.

Dertien - bak kut teh

This traditional pork rib soup is infused with medicinal herbs, providing a warm and soothing dining experience. It’s the perfect dish to enjoy during a late-night outing, especially if you’re looking to unwind. 

Dertien - bak kut teh

Unlike the typical Singaporean peppery version, their Bak Kut Teh leans more towards the Malaysian herbal style. They are also very generous with the portion of pork ribs.

Unfortunately, when we were there, we were told that the chef who typically cooks this dish was not around. Hence, the soup was bland and tasteless. I however would still recommend giving it a shot (on their good days).


Dertien - ice cream

What’s a great meal without some icy cool desserts? To cap off your meal, indulge in one of their six delicious ice cream flavours. Whether you prefer classic vanilla or something more adventurous, there’s a flavour to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Final Thoughts

What sets Dertien SG apart from other late-night eateries is its commitment to quality and variety. The ingredients are fresh, the dishes are flavourful, and the atmosphere is welcoming. Plus, the late operating hours until 2am (daily) mean that you can satisfy your cravings anytime.

In a bustling area like Sembawang, having a reliable spot like Dertien SG is a blessing. It’s perfect for night owls, families, and anyone looking to explore new culinary delights after hours.

If you’re in the area or planning a visit, make sure to drop by Dertien SG. Trust me, it’s worth the trip!

Expected damage: S$10 – S$30 per pax

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Our Rating: 4 / 5

Dertien SG

29 Sembawang Road, Singapore 779081

Our Rating 4/5

Dertien SG

29 Sembawang Road, Singapore 779081

Telephone: +65 8333 1313
Operating Hours: 12pm – 2am (Daily)
Telephone: +65 8333 1313

Operating Hours: 12pm – 2am (Daily)
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