Molten KITKAT® lava buns by Din Tai Fung sold at all outlets until 31 May 2023

Available only till 31 May 2023, the huge Taiwanese restaurant chain Din Tai Fung is serving up steamed KITKAT® buns at all outlets across Singapore. 

Ding tai fung - kitkat

I was first made known to the brand through their iconic xiao long bao (soup dumplings), but we will focus on a different agenda for this article — their steamed buns. 

The latest addition to the menu is officially termed Cocoa Nutty Bun (S$9 for 3). However, because the filling consists of KITKAT® spread and wafer bits, the dish has hence adopted a nickname for itself — the KITKAT® bun. 

This new flavour was created to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary, and what is a celebration without chocolate!  

While the use of milk chocolate may very well entice children and those who love sweeter chocolate, those obsessed with dark chocolate may not find this dessert appealing. Although I fit into the latter, the incorporation of finely crushed nuts and wafer bits generously mixed into the melted chocolate no doubt perks my interest. 

Ding tai fung - kitkat

Din Tai Fung is well known for its expertly sphere-shaped buns which come in unique tastes, with savoury options such as Steamed Chilli Crab Pork Buns, and an even wider range of sweet options including Steamed Sesame, Yam and Red Bean Buns

The sweet steamed dessert buns are my personal favourite when dining at the Chinese food haven. I am amazed that they are also able to nail the consistency of an IG-worthy molten lava flow each time the bun orders are placed. 

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Just imagine sinking your teeth into pillow fluffy buns followed by an explosion into a creamy chocolate pool speckled with crunchy bits within. Ooh

Available for both dine-in and takeaway, as well as through delivery, the steamed KITKAT® buns are available for sale until servings are no longer available for the day. 

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