DIY Your Own Cocktails at Home With Rojak & Chendol Gin From COMPENDIUM

It’s been a week since the government has announced stricter measures, closing bars and other entertainment venues—all because of the COVID-19 crisis.

While I’m sure we all understand the importance of adhering to these regulations, I also know that a lot of us are itching to get a drink. What if I told you that you could #stayhome, and still get a good cocktail?

Diy Cocktails Compendium Online 2

Local distillery COMPENDIUM is here with DIY cocktail sets, featuring their iconic Rojak Gin and Chendol Gin!

Within each well-stocked cocktail box, you’ll find enough ingredients to make seven servings of cocktails. The Cocktail Box (Rojak Gin) (S$78) comes with the following ingredients, which is enough to create three servings of Breakfast Negroni, and four servings of Memory Lane:

  • Rojak Gin (250ML) x 1
  • C (Campari, 100ML) x 1
  • V (Coffee Vermouth, 100ML) x 1
  • Ice Cream Soda (325ML) x 2
  • B (Campari, 15ML) x 1
  • Jigger x 1
  • Compendium Signature Cocktail Recipe x 2

Distilled from fermented artisanal honey, infused with juniper berries, lemon peel and torch ginger, the silky Rojak Gin truly offers piquant notes—just like a plate of your favourite rojak.

Diy Cocktails Compendium Online 1

The Cocktail Box (Chendol Gin) (S$68) comes with a range of ingredients too, and you’ll get to make three servings of Chendol Sling and four servings of Kampung Fizz.

  • Chendol Gin (250ML) x 1
  • S (Sling Mix, 100ML) x 1
  • A (Angostura Bitters, 10ML) x 1
  • Pineapple Juice (325ML) x 1
  • Mango Juice (250ML) x 1
  • Orange Juice (200ML) x 1
  • Tonic Water (325ML) x 2
  • Jigger x 1
  • Compendium Signature Cocktail Recipe x 2

Mellow, sweet and delightfully familiar, the Chendol Gin is fermented from gula melaka and infused with juniper berries, pandan leaves and coconut. It finishes on fragrant, lingering notes —you’ll taste pandan and coconut for days.

What’s more, COMPENDIUM is offering free island-wide delivery with any purchase, so you can truly #stayhome and enjoy!

Dates & Times: Now available on the COMPENDIUM website

Prices: From S$68 per cocktail box | Free shipping with any purchase