Would You Try This New Dessert In Bangkok That Is Shaped Like Dog Poop?


Who says delicious food has to look presentable and appetising? Definitely not for this Thai baker, who has been turning heads with her homemade desserts that are shaped like, well, dog poop.

Made from coconut milk, gelatin and food colouring, the turd-shaped desserts have been gaining popularity all around the world for its unusual shape and colour.


Bangkok-based baker Wilaiwan Mee-Nguen reportedly came up with the idea after a customer’s request. Affordably priced at about THB 35 (Approx. S$1.40) a piece, the baker sells about 1,000 of them a month from her dessert stall in Bangkok.

I am used to picking up poop after my dog, but feasting on a dessert shaped like turds? It ain’t up my alley.

Expected Damage: THB 35  (Approx. S$1.40) a piece

Wilaiwan: 12000 Pathum Thani, Thailand | Facebook