8 Drinking Challenges In Singapore To Dare Your Friends To Try

If you have a competitive streak like me, then drinking challenges are right up your alley.

We went to find and try drinking challenges in Singapore, because what’s the fun in drinking without some drinking games? Crush these drinking challenges and you’ll walk away with some free booze or prizes, and of course the boasting rights that you deserve.

Pitting myself against these 8 drinking challenges wasn’t easy, so read on for some tips to increase your chances of succeeding.

1. Mega Blue (Red Tail By Zouk Club)

Drinking Challenges 13

Tucked away in a corner of Clark Quay, Red Tail By Zouk Club has recently come up with Mega Blue (S$50++).

This drinking challenge consisted of downing a hard liquor mix called Blue Spin, an absinthe shot, as well as a glass of Sprite. If you can gulp down all three drinks under eight seconds, you won’t have to pay for it.

Drinking Challenges 14

Up till now, only one person has managed to complete the challenge. Eight seconds go by really quickly when you’re trying to down something so strong!

With 70% ABV, the absinthe shot was really intense. And that’s not even talking about the Blue Spin, which was a mix of different hard liquors like rum and whisky.

Pro tip: pour the absinthe shot into the Sprite to dilute the extremely strong alcohol. It makes drinking the shots a lot faster as you don’t have to pick up another glass.

Red Tail By Zouk Club: 3C River Valley Road, The Cannery, Singapore 179022 | Tel: +65  6738 2988 | Opening Hours: 6pm – 11pm (Sun – Tue, Thu) 7pm – 3am (Wed & Fri), 7pm – 3am (Sat) | Website | Facebook

2. Chugathon (Chug Chug)

Drinking Challenges 4

If you’re still standing after that, you can head over to Tanjong Pagar for a Chugathon at Chug Chug.

Drinking Challenges 3

For S$30, the Chugathon includes two Blowjob shots, two tequila shots, three glasses of Hite beer and one vodka bomb, to be drunk in that order.

The owner mentioned that the challenge is very doable. Open to everyone regardless of gender, the top three male and female challengers win a bucket of five beers each.

Trying it out for myself, I found it rather easy up until the second glass of Hite beer. The carbonation made chugging it down very challenging for me.

Chope Reservations

Chug Chug SG: 114 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088529 | Tel: +65 6224 5113 | Opening Hours: 12noon – 3.30pm & 5.30am – 12midnight (Daily), Closed on Sun | Website | Facebook

3. Beer Pong Challenge (Don’t Tell Mama)

drinking challenge don't tell mama 01

Situated in Tanjong Pagar, Don’t Tell Mama offers Korean fusion food and drinks such as Kimchi Fries (S$18) and Soju Cocktails (S$20).

drinking challenge don't tell mama 02

Don’t Tell Mama also offers a Beer Pong Challenge (S$70++ for 2 jugs of beer and beer pong). You can challenge anyone in the bar, and the loser would have to pay for the entire game.

I really liked the concept of being able to challenge anyone in the bar as I’ll get to make new friends by talking to strangers.

I suggest taking your time to aim to ensure that the ball goes into the cup. That being said, beer pong is very intuitive, and some people like me just may not possess the skills needed.

Don’t Tell Mama: 52 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088473 | Tel:+65  6221 2007 | Opening Hours: 5.30pm – 2am (Mon – Thu) |5.30pM – 3am (Fri & Sat), Closed on Sun | Facebook

4. Challenge (Mogambo)

Mogambo 2 Online

Mogambo Bar & Restaurant at Boat Quay has a lively environment with al fresco dining as well as a drinking area.

Their Challenge (S$150) requires you to drink 15 shots, picked by them, during your visit. Winners get their name on the plague, and a free t-shirt or cap.

Mogambo 1 Online

Pro tip: pace yourself and drink lots of water in between the shots to maximise your chances of completing it. It’s certainly a doable challenge!

With the whole night to drink 15 shots, you can even come earlier if you think that your alcohol tolerance is not as high and require more time to complete the challenge. Also, remember to eat before drinking. That’ll prevent you from getting drunk too quickly.

Mogambo: 3 Canton Street, #01-01, Boat Quay, Singapore 049745| Tel:+65 6884 6884 | Opening Hours: 11am – 3am (Mon – Fri), 6pm – 4am (Sat & Public Holidays) | Website | Facebook

5. Speed Drinking Competition (Red Dot BrewHouse @ Dempsey)

Drinking Challenges 10

Located next to the carpark, Red Dot BrewHouse is one of the few brewhouses in Singapore.

Every Saturday, the brewhouse hosts a speed drinking competition where the winner walks away with a Red Dot BrewHouse pint glass and the rights to wear the winner’s crown.

Drinking Challenges 12

Not just that, any contestant who finishes their pint in more than five seconds gets another free pint. If you finish your pint in under five seconds, you walk away with a free jug of beer.

Everyone is a winner there, so sign up now. Just by joining the contest, you would already get some free beer for yourself.

Drinking Challenges 11

The pint we chose for our competition was the Monster Green Lager (S$12++), a must-try novelty beer. Lighter on the palate and without an acidic aftertaste, this was a good choice.

As a consolation for coming in second, I walked away with another pint of beer. Chugging was not my thing and I found this to be extremely challenging. I couldn’t also drink the beer too quickly, as it was very hoppy.

Red Dot BrewHouse (Dempsey): 25A Dempsey Road, #01-01, Singapore 247691 | Tel:+65 6475 0500 | Opening Hours: 12noon – 12midnight (Mon – Thu), 12noon – 2am (Fri, Sat & Public Holidays), 10.30am-11pm (Sun) | Website | Facebook

6. Hall Of Fame (Chupitos)

Drinking Challenges 7

Chupitos in Clarke Quay is a well-known shots bar which serves up incredible shots, including local flavours such as Milo Godzilla and Pandan Cake.

The Hall Of Fame (S$88+) is a series of 10 challenges. Complete these tasks, and you can have your name in the hall of fame.

  • Head Banger (“Bang” your head, rocker-style, 20 times before consuming the shot)
  • Shotgun Style (Eject a cocktail mix into your mouth from a syringe)
  • Down It (Down a shot)
  • Sneaker Head (Take a shot off a miniature boot)
  • Bouncy Bouncy Smack Smack (Toss a coin into an empty shot glass before taking a shot)
  • Torch Of Death (Stack a glass on the back of the bottle and drink from the glass)
  • Screw Yo Nuts (Stack three nuts using a stick before drinking the shot)
  • OHAYO (Drop the shot into a glass of beer by splitting the chopsticks that’s holding up the shots)
  • Down It (Down a shot)
  • Inner Arm Shot (Take the shot using the inside of your elbow)

Drinking Challenges 8

The prize? Your name in the hall of fame, if you complete the challenges under one minute. That also means all six shots would be free for you.

Drinking Challenges 9

I have to say that the shots were professionally crafted, and they actually taste good.

I promise you that the drinks won’t knock you out at the end of the challenge, so give it a shot!

Chupitos: 3B River Valley Road, #01-05, Clarke Quay, Singapore | Opening Hours: 5.30pm – 1.30am (Sun – Tue, Thu), 6.30pm – 3.30am (Wed, Friday – Saturday, Eve of PH) | Website |Facebook

7. Chug Two Pints Of Ice Cold Beer (Mama Soi)

Mama Soi 2

Located in Cuppage alongside many other bars, Mama Soi has a pretty worthwhile challenge.

Chug two ice-cold pints as fast as possible and the winner for the entire month would be walking away with a PlayStation 4. Staying true to their words, these two pints are extremely cold and it even got me a brain freeze at the end of it.

Drinking Challenges 1

You could choose any 2 Pints of beer you want (Asahi, Carlsberg, Kronnengberg), and we tried the Asahi (S$20) which had a lighter aftertaste.

According to the bartender, the Asahi would be easier to chug as compared to the other wheat beers, which are hoppier.

Mama Soi: 33 Cuppage Road, Cuppage Terrace S229458| Tel: +65 6365 2067| Opening Hours: 2pm-Late |Website | Facebook

8. Hustle & Co.

Hustle Co. 14

Hustle & Co. along Craig Road is a Mediterranean restaurant by day and a bar by night. They have a couple of house brews while the rest was outsourced. Intrigued by the colour of the beer that seems like the colour of the traffic light, we went for a Green Wheat Beer, Red Larger and a Summer Ale.

Drinking Challenges 5

Hustle & Co is constantly changing up the drinking challenges for different months. For the upcoming months, challenge yourselves to see how much beer you can drink in one second. The winner not only gets bragging rights, but they also get a customized Hustle & Co mug.

As there was only a second to take down as much beer, I would advise taking one large mouthful of beer as opposed to taking smaller sips of it.

Come down during happy hour, so that it will be cheaper for you to try your hand at their challenges.

Hustle & Co.: 52 Craig Road, Singapore 089690 | Tel:+65 9451 0821 | Opening Hours: 9am10pm (Mon – Thu), 9am – 12midnight (Fri & Sat) | Website | Facebook

Try out these challenges for a great way to bring the whole bar together, rallying and cheering for the winner. Who knows, maybe you might make some new friends too.

I survived all eight drinking challenges, so I dare you and your friends to give these drinking challenges a try.