Edge (Pan Pacific Hotel): Singapore Buffet Review

“The Sunday Brunch with an Edge”

edge pan pac ohmi wagyu beef

Recently, there has been an explosion of Sunday brunch offered by many hotels and fine dining restaurants showing that as Singaporeans we are truly spoilt for choice. You may be tempted to ask, “Aren’t hotel buffets all the same?” or “Haven’t I been there for a business lunch before already?”.

If anyone has to ask these questions, apparently they’ve not seen the buffet assortment that Edge at Pan Pacific hotel has prepared yet. For my 3rd time at Edge (twice on different business lunches) and on this most recent visit, I’ll prepare for you a preview of  your next Champagne brunch option to consider.

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edge pan pac-09142005

Coming in from the main entrance. We were greeted with a wide array of breads and cheeses. The cheeseboard itself spreads 2 meters long with close to 30 different type of artisan cheeses (with Raclette a la minute too) – particularly the 4 blue cheeses really got me excited as a cheese connoisseur. It’s both a wonderful sensory experience as well as a gut filling one.

 best champagne brunch singapore edge buffet

Probably one of the most comprehensive buffet spreads I’ve seen, Edge lifted the buffet game with both quality and quantity of choices.  Edge buffet will satisfy the widest spread of diners – from the first time visitor, repeat diners, family & kids friendly, to the long staying guest. There are theme buffets such as ‘Hooked at Edge’ (read: Seafood-focused buffet on Wednesdays and Thursday) to ‘A Long, Long Lunch’ (tribute to Singapore’s hawker heritage only on Saturdays).

edge pan pac roast beef

I really appreciate rotating varieties in buffets, even more so after being stuck staying for 2 consecutive months in a 5-star hotel with a buffet that doesn’t change from one day to the other. But at Edge, I can be there for days and be treated to a different buffet dining experience daily.  Parents will be particularly delighted that a dedicated Kids Corner comes complete with cartons on DVD for their little ones to keep them entertained.

edge champagne brunch veuve cliquot

In this review, we will attempt to cover the Sundays Champagne Brunch experience, bringing you an insight before you decide to spend 4 hours on a lazy Sunday in order to indulge in a wonderful gastronomic experience. Champagne of choice is the Veuve Clicquot Brut, one of my favorites for its crisp taste.You can also order basic cocktails like a mojito or bloody mary from the servers.

It’s near impossible to list everything available at Edge, but I’ll be highlighting some of the amazing dishes.

edge pan pac-09142024

edge pan pac suckling pig

First and foremost, Quality is everywhere and I mean everywhere – from whole Boston lobsters, 3 types of French & Canadian oysters, Wagyu beef and Sausages grilled upon request (I know where I will be on Oktoberfest), tender roast Suckling Pig and Honey ham. Edge pretty much has every variety of roast meat you can think of.

edge pan pacific brunch wagyu

Of worthy mention is of course their live grilled Japanese Ohmi wagyu. With a bit of char flavour added to the fattiness of this beef, it’s hard to control yourself from ordering more, but control you must.

edge pan pacific hotel foie gras station

The a la minute live foie gras station is also another stop to pay attention to, with their generous portion of foie gras served with a mandarin slice to add some zest.

edge pan pac-09142018

edge pan pacific hotel duck satay Duck Satay is another strong recommendation with its impressive heavy flavour and tender meat. Perfect with the peanut satay sauce.

The breath of selection is impressive, to a point that I recommend you NOT to attempt to try everything, just enjoy what you like and come back again for something different next time.

edge pan pac-09142050

Feast-on-wheels. Not only is the spread already mind-blowing, I was pleasantly surprised when a massive home-cured whole Salmon Nordic-style Gravlax was pushed right in front of me. After getting a slice, the very next moment I was offered a serve of crispy Kurobuta Pork Belly.

It’s bad manners to refuse good food served right in front of me, isn’t it?

edge pan pac-09142046

My personal favorite dish is Edge’s Duck Confit Ravioli, which I found utterly divine. I could order this over and over again. They also do pastas a la minute with choice of tomato or cream sauces.

edge pan pacific Poached Egg with Truffle Coulis

From the egg station, other than having your egg done 7263 different ways, the Poached Egg with Truffle Coulis which also comes with jamon is something unique that’s deserving of your interest. Soft flowy yolk, fragrant truffle and the saltiness of the jamon makes it truly a great combination.

edge pan pacific hotel dessert buffet

Another plus to note is the wide array of 20 desserts – from its signature gluten free Red Velvet cake, to its fancy blue Candy Crush sponge cake, fluffy macarons, house made mochis, and made-to-order french crepes.  I can find no fault at the Dessert station.

edge pan pacific singapore macarons

edge pan pac Candy Crush sponge cake

Yes, you read it right. The pastry chef is such a fan of the Candy Crush game, he designed a sponge cake inspired by it. Doesn’t it look almost too pretty to eat?

If you are intending to organize high class group brunch, Edge is simply the place to go. With its outstanding array of quality selections, you and your friends will easily be impressed. Edge at Pan Pacific hotel’s champagne brunch starts from 12pm and lasts all the way till 4pm, which is exceptionally long amongst other champagne brunches in Singapore.

Sunday Brunch $168++ with free flow Veuve Clicquot champagne, wines, beers and cocktails

Expected Damage: $197 per pax

Edge at Pan Pacific Hotel: 7 Raffles Blvd, Marina Square, Pan Pacific Hotel Level 3, Singapore 039595 | Tel: 6826 8240 | Website


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