Enchanted Cafe: Cafe At Rangoon Road Serves Delicious Western Fusion Dishes That Will Leave You Spellbound

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If you’re always on the lookout for new and unique cafes, you need to head down to Enchanted Cafe pronto. This cafe located at Rangoon Road is definitely quirky, with really beautiful decor.

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It is the perfect place for meet ups with your friends, or even if you just want to chill alone in a cafe with a nice, cosy ambience. Just a few minutes walk from Farrer Park MRT, you won’t even be perspiring when you reach the cafe. And the best part? There’s no GST or service charge!

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Most of us will be somewhat familiar with ngoh hiang, five spice pork rolls wrapped in beancurd skin and fried. Enchanted Cafe has taken the meat filling and incorporated it into a burger patty for the Ngoh Hiang Burger ($18.90) which I really enjoyed. The bits of water chestnut added a really nice crunch, and the black garlic sauce brought a nice earthiness to the dish.

Something that really impressed me was the fact that the chef here takes the time to hand make each and every sauce from scratch; this particular black garlic sauce took 14 days to make!

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The Enchanted Buffalo Bites ($9.90) were crispy outside and tender inside, with a slight bit of spice. I’m not sure it should be called buffalo bites, seeing as it’s not prepared with buffalo sauce, but I’m more than willing to close both eyes because it’s so good.

The sauce on the side is thick and rich, with hints of sweetness from the barbecue sauce base and bits of onion.

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The Lu Rou Burger ($17.90) comes with fluffy buns and a generous amount of lu rou (braised pork). If you feel that a burger won’t fill you up enough, you can choose to add on items like scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon or mushrooms. I chose scrambled eggs ($3) and I was super happy with it.

The eggs were fluffy and seasoned well. The lu rou was also tender and flavourful, with just the right amount of bite and not too tough. The mesclun salad was crunchy and provided a nice, fresh dimension from the acidity of the balsamic dressing.

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I was impressed by the visual aspect of the Berries Compote French Toast ($14.90), the vividness of the compote against the blue of the plate was stunning. The taste was equally as good, a sweet-sour compote made of cherries, blackberries and blueberries complemented the sweetness of the french toast and the vanilla ice cream.

I really liked the thickness of the bread used for the french toast, it’s definitely hearty and fills you up, making the $14.90 price tag a little easier to stomach.

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You can’t leave Enchanted Cafe without trying out the Sorcerer’s Elixir ($9.90). The ingredients are a secret, but straight off the bat, there’s a strong hint of lychee, which gradually evolved into more of a floral taste. The drink tastes good, but the real highlight of the drink is the presentation.

The initially-blue drink turned a shade of pretty purple after the addition of an orange liquid, and the best part? If you shine a light at the drink while stirring it, you’ll see the glitter swirling amidst the tendrils of smoke from the dry ice. Truly a magical drink.

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Enchanted Cafe will be introducing their new menu on the 22nd of April, with new mains and more, so make sure to check that out!

Expected damage: $20 – $30 per pax

Enchanted Cafe: 88 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218374 | Tel: +65 88131086 | Facebook | Opening hours: Closed on Mondays, 10am – 10pm Tuesdays, 12pm – 10pm Wednesdays and Thursdays, 11am – 11pm Fridays, 10am – 11pm Saturday, 9am – 8pm Sundays