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Last Updated: February 23, 2020

Written by Deanna Lim

When you think of Japanese cuisine, the first thing that may come to your mind is probably ramen, sushi, or even miso soup. Much has been written about the craft behind Japanese cuisine but not too much has been written about dashi.

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Credit – Kirin Beer

Here at Marusaya, they create authentic Japanese cuisine using all-natural dashi. The dishes have greater depth of flavour, but much less overwhelming—not to mention, much healthier.

The process starts with preparing the special katsuobushi (dried, fermented and smoked bonito), the Satsuma 2-year-old Hongare-honbushi, to create the dashi used in their dishes. Marusaya also offers a selection of products available for sale at their outlets, using their dashi—2-year-old Hongare-honbushi Soba Dipping Sauce, Japanese Ramen Pack, Tsukemen Dashi Pack, and 7 Niboshi-Blended Pack.

We worked our way through the menu, and dining at a Japanese restaurant meant a pint of Kirin Beer was the natural choice.

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Credit – Kirin Beer

The Taberu Katsuobushi (S$15) is a savoury plate of half-dried bonito fish jerky. Shaved rather thin, the fishy flavour was palatable with a slightly sweet finish. This is the perfect bar bite, and it went perfectly with the crisp and refreshing Kirin beer which was light on the palate.

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Credit – Kirin Beer

One of the more uncommon dishes, the Dashimaki Tamago (S$12), isn’t your usual Japanese egg omelette. The slabs of rolled egg came in a dish of bonito broth, which infused the egg with a deeper, savoury flavour. Take a sip of Kirin beer, and the mild hoppiness complements the dish.

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Credit – Marusaya

Another contender for must-try bar bites has to be the Dashi Flavoured Wagyu Croquette (S$18 for three pieces). Minced wagyu is mixed with bonito flakes and deep-fried, resulting in an addictive meaty fried treat. The batter is light and not too greasy, and I certainly wouldn’t say no to pairing it with the aromatic Kirin beer.

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Credit – Kirin Beer

Warm and comforting, the Dashi Oden (S$20) is a classic Japanese dish packed with healthy and tasty ingredients like handmade fishcake, daikon, konnyaku and a hard-boiled egg. Each component was infused with the umami notes, though the aftertaste was still light and sweet. Light and dry, a few sips of Kirin complemented these subtle flavours well.

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Credit – Kirin Beer

The highlight had to be the Wagyu Dashi Shabu (S$68/pax for A4 Wagyu, S$108/pax for A5 Wagyu). Served with ponzu sauce, sesame sauce, yuzu kosho, leeks and chilli, this was an elaborate affair. The fatty, well-marbled wagyu simply melted in my mouth. To contrast, take a sip of Kirin and savour the transition from a buttery mouthfeel to a sweet, dry finish.

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Credit – Kirin Beer

It’s no wonder that Kirin Beer pairs so well with the dishes here. This Japanese beer comes from over 120 years of Japanese craftsmanship, with fine beer brewing techniques only Kirin Beer can achieve.

If you have a craving for authentic Japanese cuisine, then head over to Marusaya—and don’t forget to get a pint of Kirin Beer for the full experience.

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Our Rating: 4 / 5


86 Robertson Quay, #01-01, Singapore 238245

Our Rating 4/5


86 Robertson Quay, #01-01, Singapore 238245

Telephone: +65 6732 0383
Operating Hours: 12pm - 2.30pm & 5pm - 12am (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6732 0383

Operating Hours: 12pm - 2.30pm & 5pm - 12am (Daily)
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