Equate Coffee opens in Orchard Central, featuring an extensive food menu and eye-catching aesthetic space

Hidden in the CBD area of Tanjong Pagar lies Equate Coffee— a minimalist industrial cafe serving up great cups of coffee as well as a small spread of pastries. Now, the popular cafe with the identifiable branding of math symbols (thus its name) has opened its first-ever concept store at Orchard Central, featuring an even more extensive menu of coffee and cooked food.

For those not familiar with Equate Coffee, it is a popular coffee house tucked in Tanjong Pagar, known for its house blends and filter roast coffee. I always loved going over because of their quiet space, allowing me to enjoy a cup of coffee whilst I read my book.

Equate 1

Now located in Orchard Central, it lies amidst the bustling crowd in town. Equate acts as a place of peaceful solitude to sit for a cup of coffee, a quick bite, or just a place to admire the art.

Equate Coffee 2

Their new concept store has similar vibes to their Tanjong Pagar outlet, with similar inclusions of stone furniture. However, what separates the stores is the inclusion of a heavier touch of ruggedness to their interior. Inspired by their key phrase of sustenance, they’ve created a redesigned artistic space of a raw and natural world. You’ll see features of this with their upside-down trees, brick-walled interior, and rugged stone edges.

The outskirts of the store reminds me of their Tanjong Pagar outlet— clean-looking with minimal furniture. The main difference lies in the store’s centrepiece: several trees displayed upside down with broken stone and wood panels surrounding it. Their art piece does add to the rugged impression that the cafe is trying to give off.

Equate Coffee 3

The Orchard Central outlet now has a larger spectrum of hot foods. As that they are currently in a soft launch phase, they’ve only opened a partial segment of their food menu. One item available is the Truffle Egg Mayo Spam Sando (S$13.80), which comes with a generous portion of ingredients. Some might say that this is more worth your money in comparison to other cafes that charge a higher price for egg sandos.

They also have Truffle Fries (S$11.80) and Onion Rings (S$8.80) for the peckish!

Equate Coffee 4

For the sweet selections, they have the Hazelnut Chocolatine (S$7.80). A croissant disguised in the shape of a square is filled with luxurious chocolate praline that overflows once cut open. Their pastry selection at Orchard Central is definitely much more widespread and unique!

With Equate Coffee’s second outlet opening in Orchard, it is nice to see local coffee brands making their way into the coffee scene. Coffee chains have definitely been dominating the coffee scene in Orchard for a while, but with Alchemist and Equate in the area, they’ve shown that minor brands can make it too.

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Equate Coffee

181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #01-17, Singapore 238896

Equate Coffee

181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #01-17, Singapore 238896

Operating Hours: 9.30am - 8.30pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 9.30am - 8.30pm (Daily)
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