[CLOSED] Fantasy Desserts: Make Your Ice Cream Dreams Come True With Unicorn & Galaxy Desserts At Orchard Gateway

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Even as an adult, it’s just one of those sweet treats that puts a smile on my face. And in Singapore’s weather, an icy dessert is always welcome!

Fantasy Desserts 10

At Fantasy Desserts in Orchard Gateway, you can choose from colourful scoops of gelato, icy sorbets and soft-serve yoghurt. The best part? It’s all low-fat, which means that you can indulge without feeling guilty.

When I asked the founder, Sara Shantelle Lim, why she decided to specialise in healthy artisanal gelato, she explained it was actually her childhood dream to open an ice cream shop. And what better way to eat all the ice cream you want, than by making sure that each scoop is low-fat and healthy?

Fantasy Desserts 03

I was even more impressed that most of the pretty colours are from natural colouring. And with intriguing names, such as Unicorn Dream and Mermaids Wish, I couldn’t wait to try the flavours.

Fantasy Desserts 09

I started off with a simple scoop of Sorbet ($4.90). For $6.90, you can get a double scoop, and if you really want to treat yourself, go for three scoops ($8.90). I chose Mango Mania Raspberry for a fruity and refreshing flavour, which didn’t make me feel the slightest bit guilty for finishing the whole cup on my own. The tangy sorbet also helped to whet my appetite for more sweet treats.

I tried a tasting portion of the Durian gelato, which blew me away with the fragrance and richness. It was almost like eating a frozen portion of durian.

Fantasy Desserts 05

For something more filling, I tried the Charcoal Flavoured Egglet ($8.90), with Grape Twist soft-serve yoghurt. The toasty warm egglet and icy soft-serve were a great combination.

Fantasy Desserts 04

I found the soft-serve yoghurt really smooth, and it went very well with the fluffy egglet. It came topped with sprinkles and a glitter unicorn. Perfect for the ‘gram!

Fantasy Desserts 01

If you want the ultimate Instagram photo, try the Fantasy Dessert Cotton Candy Gelato with Topping ($12.90). The picture-perfect dessert was topped with a glittery unicorn and shimmery sprinkles.

I tried it with two different flavours: Zombified Dark Chocolate, and the Christmas flavour Peppermint Candy Cane. No wonder the Zombified Dark Chocolate is one of the bestsellers! Rich and decadent, this dark chocolate gelato was the right blend of sweet and bitter flavours. I liked how the peppermint taste also added some lightness to the confection.

Fantasy Desserts 02

The finishing touch was the cotton candy cloud that surrounded the double scoop gelato cone. There was no way to eat this sweet and fluffy confection without getting my hands messy, so I dived right into it. Word of advice: it’s better to break pieces off the cotton candy first, do it fast so that the ice cream doesn’t melt into it.

Fantasy Desserts 06

After all those rich and sweet treats, I was starting to feel quite full. To finish things off, I tried the Mermaid Wish Shake ($8.90). The citrus flavours of the lemon-lime sorbet helped to undercut the jelak feeling.

This sour shake was decorated with gummy bears and Oreo bits, and a glittery mermaid topper too. Insta-worthy indeed!

Fantasy Desserts 07

I made the mistake of taking too big a gulp – instant brain-freeze. My only gripe was that there was just the slightest tang of artificial flavour in the drink. Other than that, this ocean-inspired shake was a good way to end my session of dessert-bingeing.

If you’re an ice cream lover (and who isn’t?), you’ll love this whimsical gelato place. Bonus points, for the Instagrammable creations that taste as good as they look. Get in touch with your inner unicorn or mermaid with artisanal gelato!

Expected Damage: $5 – $15 per pax

Fantasy Desserts: Orchard Gateway, #01-15, 277 Orchard Road, Singapore 238858 | Tel: +65 6270 2122 | Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm daily | Facebook | Website