FitThree Review: Convenient and Healthy Meals in Singapore

Other than salads or expensive gluten free, raw food options, healthy food is not easy to find. The alternative would be home-cooked fare, but unless you have the skills and the time, it would usually be difficult to sustain such a lifestyle.

Also if you exercise before or after work hours, that gives you even less time to look for affordable and healthy food options that can cater to your regime. Would it not be great if professionals could prepare your balanced meals every day?

FitThree delivery box

This where FitThree comes in. For three or five days each week (depending on meal plan), they prepare healthy, convenient meals that will fuel and you after your workout. These meals will be delivered to various gyms, available for your pickup.

Professional chefs and dietitians work together to create tasty yet balanced meals guaranteed to give you all the daily nutrients you need while being low in fats.

FitThree meal boxes

I got to try three of their custom-designed meals: Spanish Chicken, Beef Stew and Pan Seared Salmon. First was the Spanish Chicken, which came with beans, quinoa and garden vegetables.

FitThree meal box spanish chicken

Right after I took it out of the fridge, I followed the instructions on the box and microwaved it on medium heat – 50% of the microwave oven’s maximum temperature, for four minutes. The maximum for the one I have is 800W (watt) so I selected the preset of 450W.


It was still cold after four minutes so I had to do it several times before it was fully heated. At this point I thought that I should have left it to warm up to room temperature first, so I brought the other two boxes of food out and let them sit for awhile before microwaving.

I guess it needs a longer time in the microwave if coming out straight from the fridge.

FitThree heated spanish chicken

The Spanish Chicken meal had a savoury, tomato taste with bits of nicely warmed chicken and vegetables inside. Perhaps it was because I had heated it several times, but the components, like the quinoa and kidney beans, were a little soft and mushy. Yet because of this, it was easy to eat and had quite a comforting taste.

FitThree meal box beef stew

The next was the Beef Stew, which, after sitting at room temperature for a while, was heated up at 800W for three minutes. This one was a surprise and turned out perfectly.

FitThree heated beef stew

Piping hot out of the microwave, the meat was tasty and appetising, being cooked with red pepper paste, and the barley rice that accompanied it was fragrant and chewy. I also really liked the Korean-styled beef, which really show that you can go healthy without compromising on the taste.

FitThree  meal box pan seared salmon

Last was the Pan Seared Salmon. I gave it the same treatment as the Beef Stew, but the salmon did not heat all the way through. After cutting the salmon into smaller pieces I put it in the microwave at 800W for another minute, and it turned out pretty well.

FitThree heated pan seared salmon

The wholemeal spaghetti could use some sort of sauce, but the salmon was done very well. I thought the heating process would suck away the moisture of the fish, leaving it dry and tough, but that was not the case. It remained tender, moist and was savoury, especially when you have it with the capers, which gave an extra kick.

If you are looking for a variety of healthy and convenient food, FitThree is a good choice. The process from ordering to collection is simple and easy. Just head to their website (shown below) to register and place your orders. Each meal costs $12.90, and you can easily pick them up at their various drop-off points in the East, West and Central areas (mostly in gyms).

I would like it if they had more specific heating instructions though, like the exact microwave power to use for each meal, so that I could enjoy my meal to the fullest without over or under-heating the meal. Those would be very helpful for a microwave idiot like myself, or for those who do not usually use microwave ovens.

FitThree has definitely proved that you do not have to consume the same things over and over to eat healthily, so why not give them a try the next time you exercise or just want to have a wholesome meal? Price is a bit on the high side for a meal, but you don’t have to fuss over the taste and nutritional value of your meal with FitThree to customize it for you.

Expected Damage: $12.90 per meal (min. of 3 meals per order)

FitThree: Website


How it Works
it doesn’t get any simpler than this

Order Online

1. Order Online

  • Pick your menu (3 or 5 day plan) and delivery location.
  • You can choose between a one-time order or you can suscribe for a recurring plan.
  • There is no commitment. You can pause for a short period (e.g. vacation or work travel) or cancel the plan anytime.
  • Ordering closes on Thursday 23:59 for the following week.
Chefs at Work!

2. Chefs at Work!

  • Creative, tasty yet balanced recipes are designed by our chefs and dietitians.
  • Our meal are crafted locally using only the freshest seasonal ingredients.
  • A different menu with new recipes each week for lots of choice and variety.
Free Pickup

3. Free Pickup

  • Your meals arrive weekly (Mondays & Thursdays) at your chosen pickup spot. They will wait for you in a dedicated fridge.
  • We deliver to locations close by like gyms, yoga studios, CrossFit, etc.
  • Once your meals collected, you just heat, eat and enjoy. Repeat.